Cairo and Egypt



Cairo and Egypt


Top left - three pyramids with the largest on the right. Captioned 'Pyramids of Giza'. Top right - in the centre the Sphinx with two pyramids behind. Captioned 'The Sphinx of Giza with the pyramids of Cheops & Kephern [sic]'. Centre - street scene with several figures in Arab dress in foreground. In the background a street with multistory buildings either side. Captioned 'Street Scene'. Bottom left - a group of airmen mostly standing with three kneeling in front. In the background Nissen huts. Captioned 'The boys of hut 28, Ein Shemer'. Bottom right - nine airmen in desert uniform sitting on a vehicle. Captioned ‘ “Pat”, “Les”, “Ticker”, Bob, Arthur, Fred, Gilly & Jock’.



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“Cairo and Egypt,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 16, 2024,

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