Cairo views



Cairo views


Top left - view across a quiet street to the Cairo Citadel. There are a few pedestrians and palm trees in the foreground. Captioned ‘The Citadel’. Top right - in the centre is a roundabout with guards at the side of the road and pedestrians on pavements. There is almost no traffic. In the middle is a bridge leading to large buildings on the other side of the river. Captioned ‘Bridge Kasr el Nil’. Centre - view across a street scene looking towards a large ornate building. Horse/donkey and cart on left and pedestrians in front of building. Captioned ‘Arabic Museum’. Bottom left - to the left side a mosque with dome and two minarets. To the right the Al-Rifa'i Mosque with a dome and two minarets behind it. Captioned 'Mosque of Rifal'. Bottom right - view of the Al-Azhar Mosque. In the foreground a street with trees and pedestrians. Captioned 'Mosque of Azhar'.

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Five b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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