Coulton, William. Album


Coulton, William. Album


The album covers the period from 1943 to 1946. Includes training course, his wedding, pictures from RAF Witchford as well as post war pictures taken in the Middle East: Palestine, Egypt and Transjordan.


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Ely Cathedral
Oblique aerial photograph of Ely Cathedral and surrounding streets.

William Coulton's wedding
Titled ‘Our Wedding 1st December 1945’. William Coulton is in uniform tunic. The bride is wearing a hat, dark suit and skirt and is carrying a floral bouquet.

Group of airmen
Group of 26 airmen in three rows, the front row is seated, the second is standing and the back row are all standing on a bench. Captioned at the bottom ‘417 1943 July 14’. In the background are wooden buildings.

Aircrew and ground crew at RAF Witchford
Top right - 13 men and one woman stood or sitting in front of the tail of a Lancaster, and dressed in a mixture of civilian and military clothing (six of them are in flying gear). Captioned ‘The “Boys” of A&B Witchford 1945’. Centre - Seven…

32 Squadron at Ein Shemer, Palestine
Group of officers and airmen arranged in three rows. The front row is seated, the second row is standing and the third row standing on a bench. Behind are visible two four bladed propellers of Spitfire aircraft. Captioned ‘32 Sqdn Ein Shemer,…

RAF Aqir
Top left - a group of 13 airmen in tropical uniform on the front of a small fabric covered lorry. There is a Nissen hut in the background. Captioned, ’32 Sqdn Boy’s Aqir’. Top right - three men in tropical uniform. Two have rifles (with their…

Spitfire in flight
Air-to-air view of a Spitfire with the designation GZ-V. The canopy is open, and the pilot is visible looking towards the camera. The landscape below is partly obscured by clouds. Captioned ‘Over Palestine F/O ‘Dinger’ Bell’.

RAF Ramat David
Top left - a group of six airmen in tropical uniform on the front of a small lorry. There is a white Nissen hut in the background. Captioned ‘Arthur, Len, Gilly, Ken, Bob & Vic Ramat David 1946’. Top right - section of a wooden propeller with…

Malcolm club - Ein Shemer
Top left - a woman in a dress standing beside a reception desk talking into a phone. On the wall is a poster advertising a Flower Service. In the centre left there is a sign with pointers, one is labelled ‘Canteen’ and a second is labelled…

RAF Ramat David
Top left - five lorries and some buildings. The foreground has a road and rough grass. Captioned ’32 sqdn MT Ramat David’. Top right - in the foreground a white building with aircraft and other buildings behind. Captioned ‘A. &. B. Flight’.…

Club canteen and bar
Top left - room with many tables and chairs. Captioned 'Club Canteen'. Bottom right - room with several armchairs and tables. On the right a fireplace with a floral arrangement. On the walls are a lifebuoy and a dart board. Captioned ‘Club Bar.…

Airmen and scenes
Top left - airman is shirt and shorts walking along a path. In the background white Nissen huts. Captioned 'Gilly'. Top right - a straight road running bottom to top. In the middle distance a bus. Captioned 'Haifa road from Ramat David'. Centre an…

The bar
Two men serving drinks behind a bar. On the bar are several bottles. Behind is a third man leaning over. Captioned ‘The Bar’

People and scenes
Top left - two airmen in desert uniform sitting at a table eating with spoons from a plate. Between them is an opened can. On a wall behind them is a series of photos of girls. Captioned ‘Fred and “Pat”’.Top right - two airmen one without…

Top left - a dockyard taken from a ship with several ships visible. In the background are houses and hills. Top right - group of military men leaning over the side of a ship. On the dockside are buildings and a large yard. In the distance on a low…

Middle East ships and harbours
Top left - view of a harbour with ships and buildings in the background. Captioned 'Famagusta Harbour Cyprus'. Top right two ships in the middle distance taken from a ship. In the foreground a group of men and a hawser. Captioned 'Ships in Haifa…

Top right - a middle eastern village. In the foreground are cactus plants. The village extends into the middle distance after which there are dry low hills with little vegetation. Captioned ‘Panorama with Mount Tabar [sic]’. Top right of a large…

Top leff - inside a cave with two chambers, captioned ‘Tomb of St Joseph’. Top right - a group of four women in Arab dress collecting water. One woman has a pottery water jug on her head. The well is in a stone enclave with a curved roof.…

Top right - a bus on a road. In the background are houses and rolling hills. Captioned ‘Road to Mount Carmel’. Top right - view from a hill looking down over a town framed by two pine trees. Beyond the town is a bay with a jetty and several…

Top left - a building lined street with a bus, several cars, a motorcyclist and a few pedestrians. New trees have been planted with protection. Captioned ‘Herzl Street’. Top left - a building lined street with cars a bus and pedestrians.…

Four airmen in front of an ambulance
Four airmen leaning against the back of an ambulance. All dressed in desert uniform, two in shorts, one with no top. One smoking. On the reverse caption ‘Vic “Pat” Jock. Ramat David’.

Cairo views
Top left - view across a quiet street to the Cairo Citadel. There are a few pedestrians and palm trees in the foreground. Captioned ‘The Citadel’. Top right - in the centre is a roundabout with guards at the side of the road and pedestrians on…

Cairo and Egypt
Top left - three pyramids with the largest on the right. Captioned 'Pyramids of Giza'. Top right - in the centre the Sphinx with two pyramids behind. Captioned 'The Sphinx of Giza with the pyramids of Cheops & Kephern [sic]'. Centre - street scene…

Ramat David
Top left - three buildings in the middle distance with scrub in foreground. Captioned 'A & B Flight'. Top right - a number of buildings in the middle distance with hills in the background. Captioned '32 Squadron Dispersal'. Middle left - in the…

Hadera, Ramat David and Trans Jordan
Top left - 11 men in swimming gear. They are up to their knees in water. Behind are rocks. Captioned ‘Amongst the rocks Hadera’. Top centre - five airmen in desert uniform with long trousers. In the background a building and vehicles. Captioned…
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