Interview with Muriel Blake


Interview with Muriel Blake


Muriel Blake was born in 1922 in Oakham, Rutland. Being interested in flying and aeroplanes from an early age, Muriel volunteered when her job prospects ended. Called up in 1944, she joined the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Being too short for driver, and turned down the job of mechanics, she became a safety officer. Throughout her service, she was posted to RAF Waterbeach, RAF Credenhill and RAF Mepal. Muriel recalls her time service stressing unpalatable food. She elaborates on different aspects such as service relationships, parties, celebrations, guard duty and having to wake people up, and finally packing parachutes and dinghies whilst working with 75 Squadron. This caused her to slip a disc in her back, ending her service in 1945. Many, herself included, did not often talk about the war, likening it to her father who served in World War One, wanting to forget her experiences. Although she liked the companionship, stating that if it was not for her back, she would have gladly returned. Following the war, Muriel moved around to several jobs, becoming a telephonist at the post office first, before eventually moving to a fire station




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