Blake, Muriel Mary Doris


Blake, Muriel Mary Doris
M M D Blake


Seven items. An oral history interview with Leading Aircraftswoman Muriel Blake (b.1922, 489709 Women's Auxiliary Air Force), her identity card and four photographs. She served as a parachute and dinghy packer at RAF Mepal.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Muriel Blake and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Blake, MMD

Collection Items

Muriel Blake
Head and shoulders portrait of Muriel Blake. On the reverse 'Age 19'. and 'John Burton & Sons, 65, Evington Road, Leicester 133996'

Muriel Blake and three civilians
Muriel Blake kneeling on the ground with three civilian men standing behind her. On the reverse 'Armstrong Sidley[sic] Mech RAF Mepal 1944'.

Initial Training Course RAF Wilmslow
28 airwomen arranged in three rows. Initial Training Course, 1944. Muriel is third from right in the back row. On the reverse 'RAF Wilmslow Training Camp'.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Flight Photo of crews with Lancaster at RAF Mepal
Large group photo of airmen and ground crew arranged in front of Lancaster 'P'. On the reverse 'RAF Mepal 1944 Sport & General Press Agency, Limited, London'.

Muriel Blake's 1944 Diary
Muriel Blake's diary with only entries from 6 March to 19th.

Muriel Blake Identity Card
National Registration Identity Card issued to Muriel Blake

Interview with Muriel Blake
Muriel Blake was born in 1922 in Oakham, Rutland. Being interested in flying and aeroplanes from an early age, Muriel volunteered when her job prospects ended. Called up in 1944, she joined the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Being too short for driver,…
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