Letter from Dec Dexter to Pyllis Dexter



Letter from Dec Dexter to Pyllis Dexter


Thanks Phyl for parcels and states money sent. Writes about accommodation difficulties for family member. Notes bombs dropped nearby to home. Talks briefly about work at initial training wing and then catches up with family and friends.




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Four page handwritten letter and envelope


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[postage stamp]
Miss P.C, Dexter
61 Branwin Court.
St John’s Wood.
N.W.8 London.
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1387607 Cadet Dexter K.I.
‘C’ Flight – No 2 Squadron.
No 1 I.T.W. R.A.F.
19 8/41
My dear Phyl.
Very many thanks for the two parcels I’m awfully sorry to be such a nuisance but think I’ve got most things now! I’m enclosing a cheque in lieu of the £1/5/7 which will have to go thro’ my bank as it was intended to go towards the Gas a/c for 77 N.E. Hse which I think came through just before I left London.
Had a letter from Con the other day saying that Silk had not moved out on Monday when Arthur went round to take possession. The mother-in-law was in command
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and apparently the [indecipherable word] was on the other [indecipherable word] & she was in a pretty useful dither saying that her daughter was still in bed and that they would be out by Saturday when they could get digs in Haverhill. Arthur finally got her to swear “on her [indecipherable word] that this was so and gave her till Saturday! I would have given her one hour precisely! However Arthur went to see [indecipherable name] the landlord and he has withdrawn his mother and is quite prepared to accept Con as the proper tenant in Arthur’s place – renting the cottage direct from him. In view of the way he’s handled Silk I think it’s best. Seems terrified that there would have been a row. Still with mother as the tenant Silk can’t stay 5 minutes because Arthur has no say in the matter so
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expect it’s all right this time. Con also tells me that some bombs dropped nearby and killed a woman [inserted] standing [/inserted] near her cottage door – do hope Con will be all right. I’ve told her that I for one will be much happier if she had someone with her. Anyway Con can always let to someone from the aerodrome and go away for a bit. I’m rather glad [indecipherable name] has let it direct.
There isn’t much news we’re still at work and start some exams next week. Saw Uncle Billy on Sunday but nothing was said! I took along three other blokes in my room so there wasn’t a lot of opportunity. I’ve a good mind to ask direct as you say but it would be a rotten snub if they said No – rather
[page break]
like that business with the £100 overdraft.
Con tells me Cheeky is as pleasing as ever and lets Con bath him now. Glad [two indecipherable words] well given him a gentle stroking for me. My love to Nora when you see her hope [indecipherable name] job is secured now. I should like to see those photos when you have time there’s some of [deleted] 29 [/deleted] [inserted] 77 [/inserted] on that reel – so do try & pop in for them. Let me know how much it comes to.
Do hope you’re all right and happy in your flat.
Drop me a line when you feel like it.
All the best – love to your brother
P.S. I’ve put on a bob or so for postage.



Keith Dexter, “Letter from Dec Dexter to Pyllis Dexter,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 29, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/9253.

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