Beach scenes, Royal Air Force scenes and DH.82B Queen Bee aircraft



Beach scenes, Royal Air Force scenes and DH.82B Queen Bee aircraft


Top left, a man in shirt and shorts sitting on the left on a beach alongside to the right a woman in dress.
Top centre, an man in shirt sleeves sitting on a beach.
Top right, five pilots standing in a row in front of a lorry. All are wearing tunics and four have side caps. In the background wooden buildings.
Middle left, a man wearing civilian jacket and tie standing on a path in front of a wooden building. There is a large bin to his right.
Middle centre, three men, one a pilot in flying suit and Mae West, the others wearing tunic and side caps. They are standing on an airfield with the wingtip of an aircraft visible on the left. In the background left side, part of a hangar and a lorry.
Middle right, Two airmen in tunic and side hat conferring in front of and between two lorries. In the background, buildings.
Bottom left, a compound surrounded by a tall wire fence. In the background, buildings, hangars and a tall tower.
Bottom centre, a DH.82B Queen Bee floating on sea alongside a ship. There is a man standing in the cockpit with a rope attached to a grappling line. Three men standing by the ships rail, two watching and one releasing the grappling line.
Bottom right a brick built officers mess with several cars parked in front.



Nine b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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