Letter to Dennis Raettig from his mother



Letter to Dennis Raettig from his mother


Writes about stories of damage to Hull in bombing related by him and other acquaintances. Enquires about other people and relates some family news. Mentions that things are not comfy at her location due to bombing but she wished to stay with her husband. Talks about cost of postage and sending of stamps. Notes that they have acquired a spaniel dog.




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[underlined] August 18th 1941 [/underlined]
Mr Dear [underlined] Dennis [/underlined]
Thank you for another interesting letter. No we hadn’t heard what damage had been done to Hull until we got your letter although when we heard from Marion she mentioned that there were not many big shops left. Since then we have met a soldier called Jim Hilson who lives in Parkfield Drive & his wife sent him quite a list of the damage done he told us that Robinsons woodwork shop is down so I wonder what they are doing now. I wonder if there was anyone in the shops when they went, maybe some roof watchers. What about Co-op Bank is that still alright, I wonder what they will do if it gets bombed maybe they have got records elsewhere. Do you know if Arthur Cauby has had to join up, his job at Sissons would finish didn’t it. Yes Dennis I am sure you would be pleased to see “Raeville”, I would just love to sleep in my own bed, I do wish we were all safely back again. How was the car looking, do you think it will be ruined. Yes I too am sorry Fields Octagon Cafe is gone, the first time I [deleted] was [/deleted] saw Daddy was in there, still most of the places
[page break]
you mention wouldn’t have many people in at the time. I haven’t heard from M[underlined]rs[/underlined] Johnson yet maybe her letter got lost. I had a letter from Jack he had been spending a week-end with Auntie Eva. Things are not at all comfy here having air raids or alarms every night so I am going for a holiday to get a rest I shall not go far away so I will be able to see Daddy sometimes. I don’t want to leave Daddy but he gets a bit worried about me. How much are you weighing now Dennis, I got weighed again & I am 8st 1lb 5oz, Daddy keeps telling me that my sons wont [sic] know me when I come home but I can see where I have got fat maybe my bones are a bit better covered that is all. We are looking forward to getting those Airgraph letters now we have heard that you are able to send them. Jack said in his letter that one week he had not enough money to buy a stamp to send us a letter, well now they will cost you a bit more with the Airgraphs so how about sending Max & Jack 4 or 6 stamps a month out of Raeville money & take the same yourself I keep wondering if you arranged about paying Daddy’s Trinity House Fund. Is Marjory D. still doing the same job. I told you didn’t I that Daddy has got a Spaniel dog, Daddy brushes here [sic] every day & she looks very nice, if she has some pups before we come home I would realy [sic] feel like bring [sic] one home, but no other dog takes Micks place with me. Keep writing Dennis & lets [sic] us have the news if I go away Daddy will forward the letters on to me. Has Uncle Fred got quite better again, does he like being at Raeville’ better than Eleanors. It is lunch time now. Remember me to all our friends. Hope you are keeping well
Much Love
[underlined] Mother [/underlined]



Mrs Raettig, “Letter to Dennis Raettig from his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 5, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/8272.

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