Raettig, Dennis


Raettig, Dennis
Dennis William Raettig
Dennis W Raettig
D W Raettig
D Raettig


72 items. The collection concerns the wartime service of Leading Aircraftman Dennis William Raettig (b. 1920, 1136657 Royal Air Force). Joining the Royal Air Force reserve in 1941 he trained as a flight mechanic (Engines) before being posted to 104 Squadron (Wellingtons) at RAF Driffield. This squadron number was later changed to 158 Squadron flying Halifax at RAF East Moor, followed by moves to RAF Rufford and Lisset. The collection consists of a memoir, correspondence with family and acquaintances, family history, service and personal documentation, lucky charms,personal items, cap, boots, squadron tie, research on bombing in Hull as well as photographs of air and ground crew and aircraft. It also includes an oral history interview with Joan Raettig (Dennis Raettig's wife).

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Raettig, DW

Collection Items

School photograph
Seven rows of boys with adult staff third row back in the centre. In the background a brick building with windows. Captioned 'Grammar School, Hull'.

158 Squadron badge
Gold badge with crown and wreath, gold chain ring at centre and motto "Strength in Unity" at bottom on dark blue.

158 Squadron tie
Blue tie with maroon and light blue stripes. Includes number of small motifs of RAF wings and bombs with 158 across.

Flying boots
One set black leather fleece lined flying boots

Side cap
RAF side cap with bronze RAF badge with wreath and crown

Dennis Raettig's dog tags
Two dog tag identity discs ID 1136657, C E. on brown string

Leather pouch and contents
Brown leather pouch with snap fastener. Contents: 1 - small white elephant on boot lace. 2 - small white figure with brown stripes. 3 - brown fur rabbit foot.

Ronson lighter accessories kit
White plastic box with red sliding lid containing brushes and indents for flints. Also contains wick and inserter.

Ronson silver lighter with inscription "D.W.R".

Group of airmen and civilians in front of a Stirling
A large group of men in two rows squatting and standing in front of a Stirling Mk 5. Some are wearing uniform or overalls and some are in civilian clothes. The aircraft has letters 'JN' on the nose.

Group of four women
Formal portrait of four women, two sitting in front and two behind. All wearing coats.

Merchant navy officer and women
Man wearing merchant navy uniform with medal and white cap standing alongside a women in coat and hat.

Group of boys and men
Group of boys and adults sitting and standing in front of a row of huts.

158 Squadron crest
Royal Air Force squadron badge with linked chain in centre and motto strength in unity.

Dennis Raettig shorthand certificate
Elementary certificate for Dennis Raettig for examination in Pitman's shorthand. With company letter head and image of founder.

No 102 P.D.C. Cardington notes on pay and allowances
Applies to Class 'A' releases. Applies amendments to information in service and release book in certain circumstances. Covers immediate payment and by three postal drafts during for the first 56 days of leave. Any other pay will be forwarded.

Royal Air Force volunteer reserve postponement of calling up for service
Made out to Raettig D W stating that he will have to report in time when notified. In the meantime he remains on the reserve with no pay. he is required to keep current employment and notify any change of address.

Dennis Raettig temporary identity and pay chit
States 1136657 A.C.2. Raettig Dennis William is under training and is due to receive 2 shillings per day. Slip to be retained until he receives a service identity card.

Dennis Raettig certificate of deferred Service
Notes that 1136657 D Raettig is a member of Royal Air Force volunteer reserve but has not been issued a badge as none are available.

Land of green ginger printerie
Circular crest with dragon in the centre and words 'Land of green ginger printerie' around the circle. Underneath 'Hull' and 'Land of green ginger' on a scroll.

Man sitting in chair
Faint image of man dressed in suit and tie sitting on a chair.

Letter from National Graphical Association
Letter stating that former trade union has now amalgamated with the national graphical association. Continue with particulars of recipient and notes on payment of subscriptions.

Letter to Dennis Raettig from his father
Title 'M.V. Trocas, at sea, 14 June 1939' Chides his son as poor letter writer and comments how useful a typing book is and that crew mates had also got typewriters. He goes on to discuss difficulties of female visiting the ship due to authorities…

Letter to Dennis Raettig from his father
Title 'Trocas at Sea'. Thanks Dennis Raettig for typing book and says how he is getting on with typing. Notes that he listened to Scotland verses England match and he is writing off Madeira. Talks of writing to Jack and of war news he has heard.…

Letter to Dennis Raettig in reply to job application
Reply sent to Denis Raettig from M Harland and Son, Specializing Printers of Hull offering a months trial
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