RAF Leeming [concept]


RAF Leeming [concept]


RAF Leeming is in Yorkshire seven miles south west from Northallerton. Construction began in 1939 as a grass airfield and it opened in June 1940. 10 Squadron arrived in July and 7 and 102 Squadrons the following month but 102 left in September and 7 Squadron in October, this being replaced by 35 Squadron in November which left again in December. 10 Squadron carried on flying but it was September 1941 before it was joined by 77 Squadron. 10 Conversion Flight was formed in February 1942 and 10 and 77 Squadrons plus 10 C Flight flew from the airfield until August 1942, joined briefly by 419 Squadron in that month. Concrete runways were laid 1940 – 1941, but the airfield operated normally during this period. The base became a Canadian station and 408 Squadron, together with 408 Conversion Flight, arrived in September and were joined by 1659 HCU in October; 405 and 424 Squadrons operated briefly, but in May 1943 the station became home to 427 and 429 Squadrons, which remained until 1946. It is still operational today.
It was home to: 10 Squadron, 7 Squadron, 102 Squadron, 35 Squadron, 77 Squadron, 419 Squadron, 408 Squadron, 405 Squadron, 424 Squadron, 427 Squadron and 429 Squadron.
Aircraft flown included: Whitley, Halifax, Stirling, Wellington and Lancaster.
Wartime losses: 1185


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