Scrapbook page - aircraft and people



Scrapbook page - aircraft and people


Top left - B-24 parked on airfield, captioned '104 a/c Foggia 45'.
Top right - air-to-air view looking down on B-24 with bombs falling. Captioned 'Bomb hit B-24 but plane survives, not our plane, taken in 44'.
Middle left - three airmen two wearing khaki uniform with shorts and the third wearing battledress standing in front of a tent. Captioned 'Norman Skeets, JC Foggia 45'.
Middle centre - two airmen playing cards inside a tent. Captioned 'In desert, Norman an Dixon playing rummy waiting to return to UK'.
Middle right - Airman wearing flying helmet manning machine gun. Captioned 'JC Line shooting on beam .05 gun'.
Bottom left - crashed and burned aircraft, captioned 'Lincoln' [nb. actually Lancaster Mk 7 NX732 crashed 11 April 1946].
Bottom centre - seven airmen some shirtless sitting on grass surrounded by B-24s. Captioned 'Behind enemy lines'.
Bottom right - two airmen wearing battledress with half brevet standing side by side. Captioned 'JC + Norman Abu Suier after VE Day'.

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Eight b/w photographs mounted on a scrapbook page


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