Scrapbook page - people



Scrapbook page - people


Top left - seven aircrew wearing battledress with brevet, three sitting on bench and four standing behind. Captioned 'We band of brothers'.
Top right - airman wearing flying helmet in right hand seat of cockpit. Captioned 'Skipper please let me have a go !!'.
Middle left - airman with large grin leaning out of cockpit window of B-24. Captioned 'Ah Bisto'.
Middle centre - airmen wearing khaki uniform with shorts and pith helmet standing outside a tent. Captioned 'JC firing up .38 on VE day'.
Middle right - man and woman in swim suit standing surrounded by trees. Captioned 'JC + Miss J Cushway 1946 ! Wow'.
Bottom left - three airmen two wearing khaki uniform with shorts and the third wearing battledress standing in front of a tent. Captioned 'NIPS percil whites'.
Bottom right - an airman standing in middle of field with tents behind in distance. Captioned 'JC trying out a Foggia open air pizzery'.

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Seven b/w photographs mounted on a scrapbook page


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