Letter from Ian Hay to his grandmother



Letter from Ian Hay to his grandmother


Describes a little of his daily activities including a display of 15 types of aircraft they might see in the local area. Describes some of his guard duties. Writes that he has been posted with all wireless operators to Yatesbury. Describes expected journey to that location.




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Three page handwritten letter


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[Royal Air Force crest]

906233 A/C 2. Hay. I.
Hut 88,
Squad 22,
‘F’ Flight,
North Coates,
Nr Grimsby,


Dear Granny,

Sorry I didn’t write on Sunday, but I was on Guard Duty when I meant to write. Nothing very much happened last week. I was on fatigue on Tuesday shovelling coke all day, (not too bad); and again on Saturday in the cookhouse, which was not so good, as the place is foul with grease etc., and anyhow it has been condemned many times.

Also on Saturday a large party of the Navy and Army were here to see a display of the types of aircraft that will be flying round these parts, so that they could identify them and not fire on them thinking they were the enemy. Altogether there were 15 different types of [deleted] l [/deleted] ‘planes on the ‘drome, ranging from long-distance heavy bombers to the fastest fighters &

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trainers. Unfortunately I couldn’t see it, being on fatigue.

On Sunday at 04.00 pm (1600 hrs to me) we went on parade for the guard. I was only armed with a thick stick, a torch & whistle. My hours were 6 – 8 pm at first, when it was pouring with rain the whole time & I & another fellow had to patrol up & down the tarmac on the edge of the ‘drome, and keeping guard over the hangars. My second relief was from 12 – 2 am., when I was supposed to patrol about a 3/4 mile stretch down to the edge of the camp on the sea-wall, where there is a searchlight unit (official secret), so we [deleted] pp [/deleted] popped into their hut & sat there smoking & talking, which was better than being outside. The last shift was 5.10 to 6.20 a.m. which was chilly but uneventful.

I heard this evening that I am coming back South on Friday. All wireless operators here are posted to Yatesbury, on the London-Bath road

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[Royal Air Force crest]

between Colne & [deleted] Yatesbu [/deleted] Marlborough, where we stay for 4 or 5 months doing wireless all the time.

We parade here at 0730 hrs. & proceed to North Thoresby station by lorry, & then catch the 0917 train to King’s X, then [deleted] th [/deleted] to Paddington – Swindon & Colne & Yatesbury. So I shall pass through M’head sometime on Friday.

I also hear that we get 9 days leave at Xmas, I hope it’s true.

No more news now, & it’s nearly lights out.

Best love

[underlined] Ian. [/underlined]


I Hay, “Letter from Ian Hay to his grandmother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 21, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/37200.

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