Field, Peter L and Cynthia G


Field, Peter L and Cynthia G
Peter L Field
P L Field
Cynthia G Field
C G Field


144 items and five photograph albums in sub-collections. The collection concerns Peter L and Cynthia G Field and contains memoirs, correspondence, photographs. Peter Field (b. 1920) served as a wireless operator and Cynthia (b. 1921) served as a WAAF in 2 Group.

Album One Photographs of various people.
Album Two Photographs of people and places, postcards.
Album Three Photographs of parents house over the years.
Album Four Photographs of family events, places and people.
Album Five Photographs of wartime colleagues, Cook's tour aerial photographs of bomb damaged German cities, and family and friends as well as two letters home.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Susan Elizabeth Field and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Field, PL-CG

Collection Items

A man on beach
Full length image of a man wearing swimming trunks standing in shallow water on a beach. On the reverse 'September 1948'.

Woman and baby
An older woman with baby on her lap. On the reverse '1952,Paignton, Ann V [...] & Sarah'.

People dressed as pirates
A man and a woman in costume, man holding parrot in a cage.

Man and girl on beach
A man wearing shirt and shorts and a girl standing on a sand mound on a beach.

A child
Half length image of a child wearing scarf and cape.

Man and woman
A man and a woman walking down a city street. On the reverse '1946'.

Woman and baby
Head and shoulders image of a woman holding a baby. On the reverse 'April 23, 1952'.

Two women
Two women sitting on stone bench outside a house. Woman on the right has dog on her lap. On the reverse 'Mother, Molly & Tim,Winson, 1940'.

Group of women in costume
Eight women, two sitting the others standing, all wearing costume.

Wedding photograph
Wedding party standing with bride and groom at centre, all in civilian dress.

Frost on cobwebs in a window.

An airman
Three-quarter length portrait of a seated airman wearing tunic.

Clipping of a head on view of an airborne Stirling.

Cynthia Barry
Head and shoulders portrait of a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force wearing tunic with sergeants rank.

Cynthia Barry
Head and shoulders portrait of an airwoman wearing tunic with sergeants rank. On the reverse 'Cynthia Barry, Bomber Command 2 Group, Huntingdon 1942'. Two versions of the same image.

Gower peninsula
Three men wearing swimming trunks, two sitting, and one standing behind a woman standing wearing a dress. All on a rocky hillside. On the reverse 'Gower peninsular August 1938, P. Peter Lambert, Marigold, Tim Allen'.

Family photographs
Top row left to right: a man wearing suit and tie standing on path with buildings behind.
A man sitting on a low wall in front of house and outbuildings.
A man wearing light suit standing in front of trees with buildings in the background.

Letter from ministry of Education to Peter Field
Letter informs him that he is regarded as a qualified teacher. Gives other regulations and his teacher reference number.

Notes about Tomnahurich Cemetery Inverness
Translation of meaning from Gaelic.

Note about delayed airman
States that 1594334 AC2 Allenby B was detained at the pay office.

Message form
Blank message form

W/T log
Technical notes.

Notebook - signals operator technical notes
Describes signal office organisation, equipment, W/T failure procedure, duties for signal warrant officer, signal office superintendent, signal office traffic clerks and operators. Continues with abbreviations allowed, responsibilities regarding the…

Notes about general purpose aircraft receiver
Technical document with description of valves, circuits and operation of equipment.

Letter from Cynthia Barry to Angela Duwell
Comments on recent rheumatism and that she was currently writing while on duty. Continues with news that WAAF watchkeepers were now allowed to fly on cross country flights over the continent. Recently this was done on the quiet. Mentions two routes…
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