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Envelope marked no trace at address 71 Wing - return to sender. Letter written at RAF Yatesbury. Thanks him for letter and cheque. Mentions he had made enquiries about 71 Wing in France but learned nothing. Mentions his current activities and…

Apologises for not writing and commiserates over her illness. Writes that he hopes to be home for the weekend. Mentions being on water guard duty and going into Chippenham.

Thanks her for sending shoes but he had to give dance ticket away as he was on guard duty. Comments on her illness. Provided details of travel home and plans for weekend.

Thanks her for cakes and asks her to send him his encyclopaedia of wireless. Comments on good weather and being confined to camp over not handing in pass. Catches up with news and mentions a pilot who had been killed.

Writes of leaving parcel at railway station and subsequent recovery. Mentions uncertainty over weekend off. Comments on guard duty previous Sunday and funeral on previous day. Mentions that training was more interesting and he had passed Morse exam.

Writes about a mix up in his travel arrangement and his subsequent journey. Mentions other cycling expeditions in Wiltshire and including a visit to friend in Bath. Comments on weather and that he might get leave at Easter.

Describes going to Bath to see friends and catches up with their news. Goes on to describe meeting an old schoolfriend. Mentions plan to visit Swindon and that he had caught a cold.

Writes of meeting fellow student who also lived in Cookham (where grandmother lives). Mentions upcoming six words a minute test and consequences of failure. Writes of plans to visit Bath and a little about his training.

Written from RAF Yatesbury. Describes getting flu and his journey from North Coates to Yatesbury. Describes camp and facilities. Mentions that he has 6 days Christmas leave.

Describes a little of his daily activities including a display of 15 types of aircraft they might see in the local area. Describes some of his guard duties. Writes that he has been posted with all wireless operators to Yatesbury. Describes expected…

Written from RAF North Coates. Describes camp location and aerodrome. Points out that location is closest in country to Germany. Describes air raid shelter and accommodation. Mentions E.N.S.A. concert.

Transcript of original letter. Written while at Uxbridge after he was attested and issued uniform and expected to be posted on soon. Describes the camp, pay and speculates of future leave.

Written while at Uxbridge after he was attested and issued uniform and expected to be posted on soon. Describes the camp, pay and speculates of future leave.

Writes about his training and that he was now operational and describes his aircrew role as rear gunner and second wireless operator in an Anson. Continues with description of his activities in the local town and on base.
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