Letter to Reg Wilson's Family



Letter to Reg Wilson's Family


Reg writes that he still has not received mail from home. They have had musicals in the camp and other shows.




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? 3 May

3rd April ‘44

My dear Mum & Dad & Fmly, [sic] Once again here’s a letter for you. I regret I have not received any yet but still hoping of course. I believe the delay may be due to letters passing through Luff 3, before reaching us here in Stalag 4B. We have read that the Air Mail Services have ceased this may have caused some hold up, also mail from England is being restricted, nevertheless I expect things will turn out OK in the end. Not hearing from you all, makes it difficult to write very much, as may well be expected life does not hold many changes for us here. The weather this week has reversed and thus I have not bothered to go outside very much. Outdoor activities have carried on though. I have seen another show in our camp theatre the “Empire” called “Music in the Cage” it was a review & done amazingly well considering it was written, staged & produced by the chaps here. It was musical and colourful, every resource being made of material from Red Cross Boxes etc. We have a hut show tomorrow & one next week, a Sports day on Saturday – we could be a lot worse off couldn’t we? Have you heard or seen the Exhibition run in London of P.O.W. camps? if so what’s your opinion? I hope May & Vera have a good birthday on Sunday & everyone else is OK. Do you see Pat at all now, you know all those old times seem like dreams to me now. Well cheerio for now, keep smiling, Love

[underlined] Reg [/underlined]


Reg Wilson, “Letter to Reg Wilson's Family,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 4, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/35895.

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