Newspaper cutting - Scot's fourth award in two months



Newspaper cutting - Scot's fourth award in two months


Crew brought crippled bomber home from operation to Cologne. Brief description of damage to aircraft and recovery to base. Three members of crew received awards including DFC for pilot Thomas Mahaddie DSO AFC who was awarded his fourth decoration the DFC. Navigator Frederick Thompson received a bar to his DFC and a DFM to flight engineer Flight Sergeant Charles Stewart.

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[inserted] SAT. 27 FEB 1943 DUNDEE COURIER ANGUS SCOTLAND [/inserted]

Crew Brought Crippled Bomber Home

With no "inter-com." or radio and the aileron control cables severed, an R.A.F. bomber swooped helplessly into a steep diving turn over Cologne one night this month.

Skilfully the pilot regained control, and, thanks to the superb work of the navigator and the help of the flight engineer - a 20-year old former milk roundsman - the bomber regained base exactly on time.

All three members of the crew receive awards. Acting Wing Commander Thomas Gilbert Mahaddie, D.S.O., A.F.C., and Czech M.C., wins his fourth award in two months - the D.F.C. He is a Scot from Forres, Morayshire. His awards "diary" now reads:- January 1, 1943 - A.F.C.; January 11 - D.S.O.; January 12 - Czech M.C.; February 27 - D.F.C.

Acting Flight Lieut. Frederick Denzil James Thompson, of Hammersmith, the navigator, receives a bar to the D.F.C. he won in January.

The D.F.M. goes to Flight Sergt. Charles Stewart, the flight engineer, who was born in 1913 at Glasgow, and has his home at Bromley, Kent.


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