Newspaper cutting - pride of wives, mothers



Newspaper cutting - pride of wives, mothers


Starts with photographs of four women and then mentions that four women went to the palace to receive medals won by their menfolk. Two army widows received Military Crosses, the mother of RAF Sergeant Graham Parish the George Cross and the widow of Frederick Thompson the DFC and bar. Captioned 'Newspaper cutting of WRNS Jeanette Thompson at the palace to receive her husbands medal'.

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[inserted] Newpaper cutting of WRNS Jeanette Thompson at the Palace to receive her husbands medal [/inserted]

Pride of the Wives, Mothers

Mrs. Murphy

Lady Ward

Wren Thomson.

Mrs. Parish.

FOUR women who went to the Palace to receive from the King medals won by their men-folk, who gave their lives for their country. Mrs. Murphy was presented with the M.C. awarded to her husband, Lieut.-Colonel R. Murphy, of the Buffs, while Lady Ward received the M.C. awarded to her son, Major Douglas Ward. Wren Thompson, widow of Flight-Lieutenant F. Thompson, received her husband's D.F.C. and Bar, and Mrs. Parish, of Sheffield was presented with the George Cross awarded to her son, Sergeant Graham Parish. Story of the investiture and more pictures on Page 5.


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