Bomb damage



Bomb damage


Four photographs of damage to German cities taken on two of the 'Cooks Tours' flown by no 153 Squadron.

The first has the caption 'T3 SCM 30.5.45//7" HAMM 2,000'. F/LT LANGFORD C.153 and shows Hamm railway marshalling yard with tracks running from lower left to upper right. Extensive bomb damage over entire area with several areas totally obliterated. At least 15 lines of goods wagons of various lengths, several lines of which are broken by bomb craters with wagons on their sides. Farmland to top of photograph bordering marshalling yard. One railway building to top right.

The second has the caption 'T24 SCM. 2.6.45//7" 2,000' F/O MORRIS Y153 and is described as being of Essen, showing the devastation to the buildings. Significant road running parallel and close to left hand edge of photograph is partially elevated on viaduct and is broken at a point very close to the top of the photograph. Another smaller road passes beneath it at right angles. Nearly all buildings seen are without roofs. Large church is seen lower right. Old city gate, with round towers is to the top right corner leading to a large oval plaza.

The third has the caption 'T24. SCM. 2.6.45//7" 2,000' F/O MORRIS Y153 and is of the Krupp works at Essen. Factory buildings in various state of disrepair as a result of bomb damage. Some totally destroyed with roofs missing and walls reduced to ground level. Route of railway sidings can be seen running top to bottom either side of main building, with another joining from the lower left. Track has been largely destroyed with just sleepers visible in places. Some railway wagons can be seen on these sidings. Prominent building in centre has bays running left to right. First bay shows little bomb damage whilst to the lower right side of this building, a gantry crane is positioned above a railway siding into the building. Bays beyond this one have “saw tooth” roofing. Factory chimney visible in lower left corner.

The fourth has the caption 'T24. SCA. 2.6.45//7" 2,000' F/O MORRIS Y153. No location is given, but in the centre, is the cruciform ruins of a burnt out church (possibly Christuskirche Altendorf) with remains of its steeple on the right. Whole area is completely covered in bomb craters, with all buildings reduced to ruins, several to the extent that original outline plan cannot be identified. Road has been cleared running from upper right to lower right.



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