Baxter, Peter Dennis


Baxter, Peter Dennis
P D Baxter


62 items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant Peter Baxter (b. 1922, 52604 Royal Air Force) and contains photographs and documents. He was trained as an airframe apprentice at RAF Halton and served as ground crew before volunteering to become air crew. He flew operations as a flight engineer with 12 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Michael Baxter and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Baxter, PD

Collection Items

Entry to Aircraft Apprentice examination papers
Three papers Peter Baxter took to gain entry to the Apprenticeship scheme in 1937. the first is Mathematics, the second Science and the third the General.

Christmas dinner menu RAF Cosford
For Apprentice Wing on 19 December 1938. Reverse and front has signatures.

Programme for Parents Open Day and Flying Display RAF Cosford
Detailed programme covering the facilities on the station as well as the special events. Flying display programme lists the aircraft on display as well as flying, a good range of contemporary as well as earlier types.

Menu for passing out dinner RAF Cosford
Celebrates the completion of the training of Peter Baxter's apprentice entry, No 37, on Thursday 14 March 1940 at 6pm. There are signatures on the front and reverse.

Christmas Menu RAF Penrhos
Christmas 1940, a number of signatures on the reverse.

Warship Week programme
Programme is for Pwllhi and Lleyn, 21 -28 March 1942, image of Winston Churchill on the reverse.

Permission to wear cycling clothes
Card issued to Peter Baxter and others to authorise them to wear cycling clothes during the station fitness runs.

Programme for Ad Adastras
Programme for home produced variety show from RAF Wickenby

Flight engineers notes for Lancaster
Produced by A V Roe, title page records copy is no 1360, belongs to Flight Lieutenant Baxter of the Lancaster Finishing School and is dated June 1943. Also pencilled note with settings for Lancaster for maximum range and for maximum endurance.

Four Bomber Command Flight Engineers logs
The first is to Duisberg on 26/27 April 1943 with Squadron Leader Villiers as the captain. The second is to Essen on 27 May 1943, Squadron Leader Slade as the captain. The third is to Dusseldorf on 11/12
June 1943, with Squadron Leader Slade as the…

Peter Baxter's Service and Release Book
Blank except for release date 7 October 1946.

Peter Baxter's Medical Record Card
RAF Form 1427, Records Medical Classification from 1942 and vaccination records from 1945.

RAF Cosford in 1939 and 1940
From information provided by the donor. Eight photographs of R.A.F. Cosford when Peter was under training there.
The first is of two apprentices sitting on a raised bank, captioned 'Armourer Brown and armourer Smith'.
Second is of a vehicle…

RAF Halton in 1938
From information provided by the donor. Three photographs of Peter Baxter's time at RAF Halton.
First is of the three story brick accommodation blocks arranged around a square with some apprentices running, caption '10 times round the square'.

RAF  Penrhos accomodation
From information provided by the donor. Three photographs
First is of the accommodation huts.
The second is of the interior of Peter's hut.
The third is of Peter standing outside his hut.

RAF Penrhos hangars and aircraft
From information provided by the donor. A number of photographs of R.A.F. Penrhos aircraft and hangars.
The first shows some of the buildings bordering the grass airfield, with the station flag pole in the foreground, aircraft in the background.…

Peter Baxter
From information provided by the donor. Peter sitting in the doorway of 12 Squadron Lancaster squadron letter 'J'.

Lancaster in flight
From information provided by the donor. Lancaster PH-U from 12 Squadron RAF Wickenby.

Peter Baxter
From information provided by the donor. Photograph of Peter standing in the doorway of Hut 13, his accommodation as a sergeant at RAF Wickenby.

Wickenby aircrew
From information provided by the donor. Wickenby Lads, two photographs of two groups S.N.C.O. aircrew lying on grass bank.

Peter Baxter and his crew
From information provided by the donor. Four photographs ,the first is a reverse with the crew listed, annotations 'Baxter 507, L - R top, Sgt Baxter, F/eng, Sgt Prowse R/Gunner, P/O Deare W/Op, L -R Bottom, S/L Villiers Pilot, F/O Allinson Nav, P/O…

Sqdn/Ldr Villiers and crew
From information provided by the donor. Three photographs of Squadron Leader Villiers his crew and aircraft.
The first is of the crew with Lancaster ED548 squadron letter V, airfield and aircraft servicing equipment in the background.
Second is…

Sqdn Ldr Slade and crew
From information provided by the donor. Two similar photographs of the crew, grouped around the rear of the aircraft, and the reverse of one of them, annotated ' Baxter 507, S/L Slade and crew, June 1943, 12 Squadron Wickenby'.

Formation of Lancasters
An air-to-air view of two Lancasters flying away from the camera taken from above.
An air-to-air view of four Lancasters flying away from the camera taken from below.
From information provided by the donor. No 1 Group Lancasters practicing…

Peter Baxter
From information provided by the donor. Peter Baxter at Hemswell. Airfield background, part of a Lancaster and buildings also visible.
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