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A vertical aerial photograph of Flushing taken during an operation. Bomb bursts can be seen in the centre of the image. The coastline is clearly visible.
It is captioned '3389 Skell 23.10.44//8"/ 4000

A vertical aerial photograph of Lincoln. The cathedral is marked with a circle.

A Lancaster flying low over Lincoln Cathedral. A starboard side air-to-air view from the rear, taken by a second aircraft.


Left page - aerial view of Lincoln cathedral.
Right page - nine airmen standing in front of the rear turret of a Lancaster. Captioned '1945 463 sqn'.

Target photograph taken during an operation to Flushing, Netherlands. Several bomb splashes in the water and smoke from explosions on the ground. Water is flowing through the sea wall at one point. The photograph is captioned:
2007 MEP 21.10.44 //…

Oblique aerial photograph of an industrial area with much bomb damage. Submitted with caption 'Essen (Krupps Works) Cooks tour'.

Oblique aerial photograph of a city with river running left to right with destroyed bridge. Cathedral and railway station on near bank. Submitted with caption 'Cologne Cooks tour'. River is river Rhine, destroyed and collapsed railway bridge is the…

Top - description of ijmiden operations by 617 Squadron 15 and 30 December 1944.
Middle - reconnaissance photograph showing coast and port with harbour wall and basins in built up area.
Bottom left - b/w photograph of boat pens before…

Oblique aerial photograph of Hamburg docks showing a destroyed port area with almost all buildings and facilities damaged. The spire of St Michels church is to left of centre and that of St Nikolai is to the right. In front of these, the large…

An aerial vertical photograph of Lincoln, England. Annotated 9 Job 3423 F/5 5/7/44 Jones. Sparse cloud cover. North is towards the bottom of the picture. The centre of the city is to the left of the photograph, showing residential areas. To the top…

Target photograph showing city with river/canal middle left to top right. Caption '3936, CON 7/8.1.45//NT 8", 18000, 075 20.27.8 32 SECS, F/L WOOLNOUGH R97, MUNICH R'.

Photo is upside down; north is at the bottom. The river top left is the Isar,…

Vertical aerial photograph of Cologne. It is annotated 'DMB' and 'B865 UPW 2.3.45//8" 16000 0.45 . 1000. Cologne. A/P P.T 2MR.4MGL. 4MC500DT 34 sec F/L Cleland T.156'

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form: no…

Top - reconnaissance photograph of a city with many damaged buildings. Captioned 'Essen'. Submitted with description 'Aerial "Cook's tour" view of Essen May 45. May 1945'.
Bottom - oblique aerial photograph of industrial site with many damaged…

Top - oblique aerial photograph of a city with roads running left to right, the nearest one being tree lined and many damaged buildings
Bottom - oblique aerial photograph with the river Rhine running left to right and buildings including chimneys…

Four photographs of damage to German cities taken on two of the 'Cooks Tours' flown by no 153 Squadron.

The first has the caption 'T3 SCM 30.5.45//7" HAMM 2,000'. F/LT LANGFORD C.153 and shows Hamm railway marshalling yard with tracks running from…

Oblique aerial photograph of Dunkirk docks. Incomplete hulls of two oil tankers at bottom right, likely to be La Saône and La Seine. Extensive damage visible in the bottom left corner.

Identification kindly provided by Gareth Hughes, Christopher…

An oblique aerial photograph of Essen, photograph shows damage to buildings, submitted with caption; “Bomb damage to Essen.”

An oblique aerial photograph of Cologne, showing destroyed bridges, submitted with caption; “Damage to bridges over the Rhine.”

Black and white aerial photograph of Cologne showing cathedral and damage to surrounding areas as result of Allied bombing campaign, submitted with caption; “207 Sqdn given permission to take ground staff for low level flights over Germany to see…

Heavily bombed Krupp works

Oblique aerial photograph of a city with ruined buildings. In the centre a twin tower cathedral and on the top right a river with collapsed bridge. Captioned 'Cologne 1945'. On the reverse 'Cologne cathedral 1945 standing surrounded by total…

Two vertical aerial photographs from an album. Photo 1 is of Flushing where a dyke was breached. Some flooding is visible according to the caption. Photo 2 is of Bonn showing in the city in great detail at the start of the attack. it is annotated…

A vertical aerial photograph of Flushing (Vlissingen) during an operation. Explosions can be seen on the coastal dyke. The No. 4 Commando bunker and Uncle Beach is nearby, in the bottom left of the image. Annotated '2010 MEP 21.10.44// 8” 8,000…

Most of target obscured by smoke and dust. Captioned '6014 PCK 2-3-45// 7" 20000' 095t 1009 COLOGNE Z 8MC500DT 8GP250IT C 33 Secs F/O McVICAR A/102

An aerial oblique view of Lincoln Cathedral and the city. St.Giles school and the residential areas surrounding it can be seen to the left of the photograph. Lincoln Cathedral and Castle are visible in the direct centre, with Lincoln Crown Court…
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