Letter to Joan Wareing from Margaret



Letter to Joan Wareing from Margaret


She writes that she has just heard the news about Joan’s husband, Bob and knows what she is going through. She urges her to keep her hopes up and that it may be a long wait before she hears news of him. She suggests that Joan come to visit.



Four page handwritten letter


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39, Sufton St.,
Aug 11th
My dear Joan,
I have just heard the news about Bob, & as I know what you’re going through, thought I’d drop you a line to say, you [underlined] must [/underlined] keep your chin up Joan, & trust in God to keep him safe. I know it is not much good people saying, ‘you must do this – or you must be brave’ – it’s jolly hard – but, I think if our boys & husbands are brave enough to tackle their jobs – four our sakes – then the least we can do, is take the bad news we often get, ‘on the chin’ & make them as proud of us, as we are of them.
You know Joan, Bob was a
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good pilot - & an experienced one – not like a young boy on his first trip - & if anything happens, - as it seemingly has – he would be calm, & therefore have much more chance of being safe.
It is now 3 months since Ernest went ‘missing’, & we haven’t heard any more yet, but I’m very confident he’ll be alright – after all no news [deleted] if [/deleted] is good news – so Joan, you see you’ve to expect waiting a long time, & goodness knows it is very hard – but after a while – the first few weeks – time passes a little better, & you can think every day, is a day nearer to hearing he’s well & safe. Also, just think this Joan, however much you’re worrying – Bob will be worrying too, - wondering if you’re making yourself ill about it – so just let him be able
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to hear you’ve been taking it well, & be proud of you – for you know Joan, however much you appear not to be worried – Bob will [underlined] know [/underlined] you are really, & will be pleased you’ve been able to carry on, with a bright face.
We’ve always said we were like sisters, haven’t we Joan, - well now we’re closer than ever, in our ‘waiting period’. All my love dear, & I should love to see you again, so if Mrs. Barber asks you to come back with her – which I think she will – please do, we can cheer each other up a bit. Oh, my Mother is just telling me, you don’t know Mrs. Barber’s coming – well seemingly she’s thinking about coming this next week, so if she does – don’t forget! Anyway you can come any time you want – you know that Joan - & a change will
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do you good – it helped me a lot going to Bridlington.
Well, for now, goodbye Joan – give my love to your Mum & Dad - & keep smiling dear,
All my love



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