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Say she had not forgotten her and carries on with general news and gossip. Continues with news of activities. Asks if she has had news of Bob and offers sympathy.

Writes that saying they are pleased to hear that Bob is alive although a prisoner of war. They continue with general social news and gossip.

Writes notifying her that the Red Cross regularly sends Invalid Foods and Medicines to all POW Camps and Hospitals where there are British prisoners of war, However, if she was anxious about her husband a report could be obtained from his Senior…

From officer commanding 582 Squadron, informing her that her husband has failed to return from an operation over enemy territory on the night of 7/8 August 1944. Mentions that he was captain of experienced crew and comments on character. No further…

Rev. E Goldthorpe and his wife, express their delight that Joan has heard that Bob is alive and passes on other news of friends and acquaintances.

Passes on contents of telegram from her husband Robert that he had recovered from burns and she could write to him at Stalag Luft 1.

Writes that her son was a member of Robert Wareing's crew. She is pleased that Robert is recovering, but has had no further news of her son Bertie Campbell, who is missing. They did not know he was flying until he was reported missing - he took his…

Norah expressing her sincere wishes that Joan will soon hear news of Bob, also saying that prayers are being said for her. Passes on other news.

Says she is glad that Robert is safe and thanks her for the photograph.

Thanks her for sending Robert's letters for her to read and that she has passed them on for others to see.

She is pleased that they have had news of Bob, and goes on to give general family news as well as offering help to relocate her car.

Reports arrival of letters and writes it was good news about Italy but they had no celebrations. Says they get war news from German papers or over radio and ignore what they do not like. Mentions coming winter and that the blankets she sent would be…

Reports arrival of letters and hopes that she had had one from him as he knew that she would be worrying. Was keeping well in body if not in spirit. Played rugby for first time in a while and suffered slight injury. Was also doing P.T. Comments that…

Writes to let him know that all was going well and thanks him for letter and offer to take him on at the farm. Catches up with family news.

Candidate for permanent commission in the aircraft control branch of the Royal Air Force. Includes years of service, service history from 1939- 1951 and honours and awards.

Letter from LAC "Mac" Macfarlane to T A Ford, outlining how he is doing on his training course in De Winton and mentioning what he has been doing in his free time.

A letter from Jack Lawrence to Terry Ford telling him about the course and subjects he is studying while at Naval Air School in Pensacola, Florida, and their social activities.

Informs her it is not possible to send chocolate to her son in Le Kef as there was no parcel post to Tunisia. States the best was to communicate is by telegram via the US Consul in Tunis.

Received letter and forwarded to parents.

Received his letter and forwarded it to his parents with airmail message to send him a cable care of American Consul Tunis.

Received his letter and forwarded to his parents along with message to British Red Cross enquiring about health of parents.

Writes of weather and earlier blackout times. Mentions his letters which reported that they had had more food parcels from Canadian Red Cross. Mentions letter from friend and passes on news. Mentions factory chimneys smoking after short holiday.…

Writes about weather over year's holidays. Reports content of cable she send previous Saturday. Says how important cables are to her as no letters for some time. Wonders whether when he returns they will still live in their small industrial town.…

Had received no new letters but was pleased to get a telegram to which he replied on the same day. Mentions problem with a cable that was returned because it needed his Christian name appending which delayed it. Discusses new scheme for cables to be…

Mentions strong wind blowing bringing heat and sand and describes how they manage their days in the heat. Thinks he is better acclimatised than previous year. Reports good supply of Red Cross food and lists contents. Tells story of what they did…
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