Officers advanced school - notes for students



Officers advanced school - notes for students


Covers progress of work, student lectures, postal address, dress, reporting sick, leave, flying, library, church services, mess rules, mess facilities, registered mail, sports and entertainment.




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NOTES FOR STUDENTS [/underlined]
Students Name: [blank] Index No. 26.
Flight: ‘A’ – Syndicate: 7 – Room No. A 13.
[underlined] Programme of Work [/underlined]
1. The current programme of work is displayed in all lecture rooms and on the main notice board.
2. Saturday afternoons are devoted to recreation. Sundays are free.
3. Students are encouraged to study privately, out of normal working hours, in their quarters, lecture rooms or in the library.
[underlined] Students Lectures. [/underlined]
4. Students will be required to give a lecture, on any subject they choose, sometime during the course. The lecture is not to exceed 20 minutes’ duration and will be given to the other students of their own class. They are to hand in to their senior student, by the first Monday of the course, a slip of paper bearing their name and the subject of the lecture they propose to give. (An alternative subject is also to be shown, to avoid duplication of lectures.)
[underlined] Postal Address. [/underlined]
5. The correct postal address of the School is:-
No. 1 Officers’ Advanced Training School,
Royal Air Force College,
[underlined] Dress. [/underlined]
6. War Service Dress may be worn until 1900 hours daily. During the summer months, tunics need not be worn in the Lecture Rooms or on Drill Parades. This concession does not apply to the Dining-Hall or Ante-Rooms.
[underlined] Reporting Sick. [/underlined]
7. Officers may arrange for consultation with the resident Medical Officer (W.C. Courtin) in the College. Details are given on the main notice board.
8. Officers sick in quarters are to inform the Administrative officer, who will make the necessary arrangements with the Medical Officer
[underlined] Leave. [/underlined]
9. Leave cannot be granted to students during courses except for the most urgent reasons.
10. Flight Commanders may grant permission to students to leave the station from 13.00 hours on Saturday to 23.59 hours on Sunday during the second and third week-ends of a course.
[underlined] Flying [/underlined]
11. No flying facilities exist at Cranwell for students who are not to approach any unit on the station for the [missing word]
[page break]
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[underlined] Library. [/underlined]
12. Students may borrow books from the College Library at times stated on the main notice board.
[underlined] Church Services. [/underlined]
13. The times of Church Services for Church of England, Roman Catholic and Other Denominations are shown on the Main Notice Board.
[underlined] Mess Rules. [/underlined]
14. A copy of the Mess Rules appears on the Main Notice Board and in the Ante-Rooms. All students are to make themselves acquainted with these rules.
15. Times of meals, bar opening hours, arrangements for cashing of cheques, and similar information, are published on the Main Notice Board.
[underlined] Mess Facilities. [/underlined]
16. [underlined] Laundry. [/underlined] Batmen can accept soiled linen on only the first and second Saturdays of the course.
17. [underlined] Hairdressing. [/underlined] The barber’s shop is open at the times published on the Main Notice Board. Appointments may be booked at the Hall Porter’s Lodge in the appointments book.
18. [underlined] Valuables. [/underlined] may be deposited with the Mess Secretary for safe custody.
[underlined] Registered Mail. [/underlined]
19. Registered mail may be collected from the Administrative Officer’s office at time notified.
[underlined] Sports. [/underlined]
20. Organised games and inter-flight competitions are arranged frequently: details are given on the sports notice board. There are four squash courts, two tennis courts and four billiard tables available in the College. Squash courts and tennis courts must be booked in advance in the hall porter’s lodge. There are facilities for clay pigeon and rifle shooting: details are shown on the notice board.
21. The station swimming bath is available for officers of the school at the times published on the notice board. Swimming instruction will be given on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Non-swimmers are recommended to take advantage of the opportunities afforded to learn swimming.
22. The station gymnasium is reserved for officers of the School at specified times. P.T. staff will be in attendance.
23. There is a 9 – hole golf course on the station which is open to officers of the School.
24. Students are requested to obtain their own sports kit if possible as only a limited quantity can be provided by the School.
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[underlined] Entertainments. [/underlined]
25. [underlined] Cinema. [/underlined] Films are shown twice weekly, on Thursday and Sunday evenings, in the Main Lecture Hall. All Directing Staff, Students, College Mess Staff, and airmen and airwomen of the Officers’ Advanced Training School, may attend.
26. In addition, the Station Cinema gives two Cinema performances each evening during the week and one afternoon and one evening performance on Sundays.
Group Captain, Commandant,
[underlined] No. 1 Officers’ Advanced Training School. [/underlined]


“Officers advanced school - notes for students,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 22, 2024,

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