Officers advanced school - good conduct badges miscellaneous



Officers advanced school - good conduct badges miscellaneous


Policy for good conduct badges including airmen with clean sheet, service entries, V.G time, procedure for awards and miscellaneous points.



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[underlined] 22E5
References: A.P. 837 Sections 38 and 50
K.R. paras 652 and 1175 to 1186.
[inserted] K.R. 2153. [/inserted]
[underlined] GOOD CONDUCT BADGES [/underlined]
1. It is important for commanders to appreciate the effect certain punishments they can award have on an airman’s good conduct badges.
[underlined] Airman with Clean Conduct Sheet (F.121) [/underlined]
2. An airman with a clean conduct sheet normally receives his first, second and third good conduct badges after 3, 8 and 13 years respectively of full time man service, as e.g.,
An airman enlisted 1 Jan 32
1st G.C.B. awarded 1 Jan 35
2nd G.C.B. awarded 1 Jan 40
3rd G.C.B. awarded 1 Jan 45
[underlined] Service Entries [/underlined]
3. (a) Definition – a service entry is the record of a punishment which is entered on the Service Conduct Sheet of an airman (F.120). This form is maintained during war time at the Record Office from entries in Unit P.O.R’s. Punishments which constitute service entries are fully described in K.R.2153., see also appendix A to precis No. 27.
(b) On each occasion that a C.O. awards a punishment that warrants a Service Entry, the airman forfeits 91 days qualifying service and the award of all subsequent badges is affected. This indirectly costs the airman 22s/9d e.g.
Enlisted 1 Jan 32
Target dates for badges as in example to para. 2 above
8 days C.C. 10 Oct. 34
1st G.C.B. awarded 1 Apl. 35
2nd G.C.B. awarded 1 Apl. 40
Severe Reprimand (now Cpl) 2 Aug. 41
3rd G.C.B. awarded 1 Jul. 45
[underlined] N.B. [/underlined] For purposes of example 91 days is taken as equivalent to 3 calendar months.
[underlined] V.G. Time [/underlined]
4. During the two years immediately preceeding the award of a badge an airman must complete 2 years V.G. time in actual receipt of pay.
5. V.G. time is broken when a C.O. awards over 10 days C.C., a punishment involving 3 or more days automatic forfeiture of pay for absence to an aircraftman, a severe reprimand to an N.C.O. or any other punishment which forms a service entry.
e.g. V.G. time is broken by:-
(a) Admonition and automatic forfeiture of 3 days pay for absence.
[page break]
(b) Fine for drunkenness
(c) [underlined] Severe [/underlined] reprimand
(d) 11 days C.C.
(e) Detention or Field Punishment.
6. The above mentioned punishments, if awarded just before an airman is due for the award of A G.C.B., can delay the award for nearly two years and indirectly cost him anything up to approximately £9.
e.g. Enlisted 1 Jan 32
Target date 1st G.C.B. 1 Jan 35
14 days C.C. 10 Dec 34
1st G.C.B. awarded 24 Dec 36 (V.G. time begins again on expiration of punishment)
Cost to aircraftman
723 days @ 3d p.d. £9 – 0 – 9d.
7. For example combining the two factors (i.e. Service Entries and broken V.G. time), See A.P. 837 Section 38 para. 1042
[underlined] Procedure for Award [/underlined]
8. (a) Record Office calculate date and notify C.O.
(b) C.O. ensures that there are no recent service entries on F.121 General Conduct Sheet
(c) The award is subject to the approval of the C.O. who uses his discretion regarding the general character of the airman
(d) When approved the award is promulgated in P.O.Rs.
[underlined] MISCELLANEOUS [/underlined]
[underlined] Re-engagements [/underlined] (A.M.O. A.56/45)
9. C.Os. should draw the attention of all airmen to the above mentioned A.M.O. which enables them to re-engage for periods of 4, 5, 6 or 7 years.
[underlined] Release to Industry [/underlined]
10. A C.O’s responsibility is only to inform enquirers of the correct procedure as outlined in A.P. 837 para. 1341. After that application must be made by airman’s former employer to the Government Department concerned.
[underlined] Discharge [/underlined]
11. Points to note:-
(a) F.1394 Brief Statement of Service and Certificate of Discharge. This affects an airman’s subsequent employment in civil life and future prospects and should be carefully compiled
(b) Complete diary of action is contained in A.P. 837 para. 1339.
[underlined] Transfer to Army of R.A.F. Personnel [/underlined]
12. (a) Details are given in R.O.M. 31/45 and A.M.O. A.199/45.
(b) Airmen may volunteer but others will be detailed by name by Record Office.
[underlined] Amendments to this Precis: [/underlined]


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