Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Writes that by the time he receives this letter he would have been in the RAFVR for three years and that many lessons of life had been learned in that time. Presumes weather had been hot in camp and hoped that his lodging would provide some shelter from heat. Mentions their weather and catches up with news and gossip. Discusses other correspondence to friend and mentions they had not been able to get film to take photographs during the summer. States that they had not received that months copy of Red Cross news "Prisoner of War".




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191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Friday a.m. July 10th/42
My dear Douglas.
The days just pass away & by the time you receive this letter you will have been O.H.U.S. for three years. If we call the time from your entry into R.A.F.V.R. it is now well over three years since we were all very much surprised to learn that you were suffering from blood pressure. We have all travelled widely along the path=way of life since then & always I am asking myself “why”? There must have been many – very many – lessons to be learnt by the way & one, at any rate, that of patience, has been thoroughly assimilated. Always we are just waiting & hoping for peace & glad reunion again. The summer ? days are passing quickly away & this morning there was a real touch of Autumn in the air. Always I am wondering how things are with you. No doubt these past four months (since your last letter to us was written) March 11th) will have been hot – far too hot for comfort tho’ you were hopeful that the construction of your “lodgings” would afford comfort & coolness when the hot weather did arrive. We have had very little real summer weather – not many days warm enough to be without fire & sit out-of-doors but we are hoping that the summer may be
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prolonged into Autumn like last year. Last Saturday I sent your annual subscription to the Old Mancunians Association. Have not yet got the receipt but as you probably remember they don’t do things in a hurry there. The July edition of Ulala & the annual report arrived together a few days ago but there does appear to be any news of your contemporaries. Instead of the full list of members in the annual report is the full list of O.H. service roll. John’s name does not yet appear but following the news given to you in my last (or recent) letter I expect to find it in the next edition of Ulala. Mrs Clayton told me last week when I called that she had received a letter from you about 3 weeks ago. It must have been 3 months. You wrote to me in January & said you were writing her & John. In common with another well-known personage “my patience is nearly exhausted.”
We were hoping to be able to send you more snaps this summer but cannot buy films. We have tried so many times & always receive the same answer “films unobtainable.” We have not yet got this month’s edition of the “Prisoner of War” published on the first of the month. No doubt it is wandering around Salford way as the first two were in spite of the fact that very many letters have been sent from this address & Dad is officially registered as next-of-kin from this address. Now I am going to buy my week’s joint but poor stuff just now. Not a bit like you long for. We gave the last steak to the cat next door. Always all our love & prayers. Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Algerie. N. Africa.



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