Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Reports receipt of letter and telegram which took six days to reach them. Mentions sending another cable and quotes content and explains how his cables will now be paid for. Says she will try and send items he requested in next Red Cross parcel. Says father went to Manchester to order books for him and lists them and price. Discusses his idea of his relatives helping gather the items he requested to be sent.




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Two page handwritten letter


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[inserted] 160 [/inserted]
[underlined] 59 [/underlined]
[inserted] 8-8-42 [/inserted]
191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Tues. 7/7/42
My dear Douglas.
We were delighted to receive your letter = Telegram yesterday morning. It was dated July 4th Manchester & had been posted from there on Saturday & was delivered here with the letters on Monday morning. Your message was evidently sent from Laghouat on July 1st which means it took six days to reach us. I sent a cable to you on Sat. the 4th as follows “Delighted message received thirtieth No prepaid reply today. Send your message “receiver to pay”. Letters despatched will explain Holiday week now ended. Both well. All love. Hudson.” It seems that your cable sent via Imperial (Cable & Wireless) & mine sent G.P.O. Nelson crossed & it would also seem that the said Cable & Wireless Co. lost no time in informing you that we were willing to pay for all cables sent by you to us. Now you will understand the message of my cable to you. Yes, love, I will try to send the things you mention, in the next Red X parcel light underwear, soap toothbrush, footwear size 7. It feels a bit of a hopeless job when none of your parcels have arrived. I mustn’t forget to mention. Dad & I went to Manchester last Monday & to W.H. Smith & Sons to order books for you. I had chosen a new one for
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you which was reviewed in the Guardian & sounded good. One Man’s Furrow price 10/6. At Smith’s the girl who attended to us advised not to spend so much money on one book. She said that the parcels were not getting through to Africa well & suggested that we left it with them to send 3 or 4 cheaper editions (thrillers & wild west stories) & see what happened. So if you do begin to receive any of the parcels we shall know what to do about future ones. To revert to your cable letter (or letter cable) you say “ask relations cooperation.” I’m sure you must have forgotten what our relations are like if you think they will cooperate. If you think of it you will realize that the war does not affect any of them in any way except that they just can’t buy as many smart clothes & as much luxury [inserted] luxury [/inserted] food as they would like. They all have a great deal more money & not a care in the world & I may say no thought whatever for those with many [inserted] cares [/inserted] No love I shall ask no cooperation from relatives. Dad & I will be able to send all reasonable requirements. Yesterday I had a busy time jam making & how I did wish I could let you share. But one day we’ll be together again & rejoice in any joys that life may offer. Will you write to Mr Allen at Jaffe & [underlined] Sons [/underlined] Ltd. It will be wiser to keep in touch don’t you think? Now love goodbye again still no letters & I get very weary for news of your doings. Always all our love & thoughts & prayers from
Mother & Dad
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
North Africa



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