Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Writes of seeing father of on cold dark morning and is wondering what he was doing. Says she has written many times and what letters she gets from him bring her great joy. Thankful that he is alright and gets pleasure from games, tournaments and has access to good books. Talks of dogs in his camp and that she often re-reads his letters which she will keep until he gets home. Catches up with other correspondence and passes on news. Concludes with gossip.




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Two page handwritten letter


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[inserted] 10.2.42 [/inserted]
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191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Wed. 14/1/42
My dear Douglas.
I have just seen Dad off to business, on a dark, bitterly cold winter morning. The ground is frozen hard & Dad’s footsteps went crunch crunch [sic] on the frozen snow. Now the bus has just arrived. I can hear it, as I am sitting here quietly beside a comfortable fire. I am wondering, as always, what you are doing, if it is a dark cold wintry morning with you too & if you are up yet. I know how routine is your life at present but you have never told us just how it goes. Are you up early & to bed early? I have written many letters to you since we had our last ones from you on Dec. 15th & in so many of them I’ve told you of the joy & pleasure they [inserted] your letters [/inserted] have given me. You know my old habit of leaving the daily papers & letters on the dining room table. It is still the same, & your last six letters and your latest cable are always before my eyes & often, when (to quote one of your letters) “the pill is very bitter” I read one of them & thus bridge the great distance which separates us. I love to read of your doings & tho’ I do understand so well just how weary you
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do become I feel deeply thankful that you are all right & we can keep on praying & hoping for glad reunion. I am glad you get so much pleasure from your games & tournaments & that you have access to a few good books. How are the dogs & what kind are they? I can understand the name R.A.F. [deleted] but [/deleted] but why Wimpy? Was it a poor little whining animal when the camp adopted it? & how do the animals fare with so many masters? To revert to your letters. When the next ones arrive my present “lot” will be put away with the others until you come back. I often take out one at random & always find the news interesting whether from Miss Morton’s place Hut 190 or “Bogus” days. One day we will revive these memories, gay & grave, together. A letter from Mrs Banks on Monday tells that Walter is in Lincolnshire now. She is fearful that he may be sent away. Vincent is still in Scotland. Maurice Holme is a P.T. instructor in the R.A.F. Now love there’s nothing new to tell you. Presently I shall set out in search of meat but not the kind you recall in one of your recent letters. Very much of our food is rationed now & we do feel that Lord Woolton has been the right man in the right place. Everybody has a share & there is no queueing (have I put to many es). Have no further news of John. I will say Goodbye to you now love & after the daily round, a very short one today, is finished I shall go to Nelson & send a cable to you. These cables are so precious. Just fancy! without them our latest news of you would be Sept 17th. With all our love & thoughts & prayers from Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Algerie Afrique du Nord.



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