Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Writes of cold winter weather, wonders if he has warm clothes and food and wishes she had more frequent letters from him. Strange to have long delays as in the past they got letters regularly. Every day brings them closer to peace. Does not think he will like their small house but says they are comfortable. Continues with chat and wonders whether he got the calendars she sent. Catches up with news of friends. Concludes with family gossip and comment on snow.




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191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Monday 12/1/42
My dear Douglas.
This is a very cold winter day, heavy & grey, with every appearance of snow. I wonder if it is cold with you too & always I am wondering if you have warm clothes & food. How I do wish I could have more frequent letters from you. The last one, written on Sept 17th arrived with 5 others (dating from August 24th.) four weeks ago today. It is strange to have these long delays in deliveries. At one period I had quite a regular supply of letters. It is a very great privilege that we can use the cables & the one I had last Thursday had only taken a few hours to get here. Well love I never seem to have any thing interesting to write about. The days just pass quickly away & we know that each one brings us nearer the peace we so earnestly long & pray for & often I picture to myself the joyous reunion which we so eagerly await. I don’t think you will care very much for this house – it is very small but very comfortable for Dad & myself & as we are only renting it for the ridiculous sum of 30/- weekly – we shall
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probably be able to get something more commodious if necessary. The situation is very pleasant & this morning the “lake” in front of the house has a deep border of ice & looks quite attractive. Now a few flakes of snow are falling. We took several snaps in the late summer & [inserted] now [/inserted] wait for a snow scene before exposing the rest of the films. I’ve often wondered if you got the calendars. One, a big one sent ordinary mail & one each, book mark calendar, in separate covers by air mail for you & Tony. Also, of course, ordinary Christmas cards. I have no further news of John since writing to you last week when he was at the old place. “Cousin Fanny” was coming from London to stay with Mrs Clayton last week. I wouldn’t like to be staying there at present. Won’t it be cold? That is one thing we do appreciate about this house. It is so warm & the bathroom is like a green-house.
We had a very disturbed night on Saturday & I was so thankful that Dad was at home. He doesn’t get upset like I do. It is a good thing. Now the snow is falling properly & perhaps Dad’s new Wellingtons will be useful after all. We were warned to expect severe conditions here so I persuaded Dad to get a pair of rubber boots, but he’s not very thrilled with them. Well love my page is used again so it is Goodbye once more. Always all our love & thoughts & prayers are with you. Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Afrique du Nord.



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