Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Pleased to receive letter and cable. Telegrams are a boon especially as mail is not too regular. Discusses letter from friend. Says recent letter had no stamps and describes markings. Comments on the weather and and on news of restrictions to his exercise. Describes going for walk and listening to the radio. Reports article in newspaper with news of his camp at Aumale and about how British residents of Tangier are providing winter clothing. Also mentions supplies from Red Cross.




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191 Halifax Road.

Nelson. Lancs.


Sunday Oct. 5/41

My dear Douglas.

We were delighted to have a letter from you yesterday, 28/8/41, & about 2 hours later your cable arrived & brought much relief. It was dated, 3rd, so it looks as though the delay had been from this end, last Saturday. But now we have had such recent news from you again we are much more content. What a boon these cables are! Especially lately when the mail is not too regular & our only letters in three weeks are the one 8/8/41 containing the precious snaps (what a mercy that came safely) & the one of yesterday. I’m glad you got Ted Hale’s letter. He told me he had written to you & I’ve not written to thank him yet. Tho’ I intend to do so today. The letter must have come air-mail. It made a quick journey. Ted didn’t say if he had sent the letter air mail or ordinary. Your letter of yesterday does not contain stamps of any kind, but in the top right hand corner the letters S.M. in very large type blue & of course the censors stamps. Well love we are pleased to know that the weather is cooling off a little for you now. We are puzzled by your remark “normal or natural taking of the

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sun now being denied”. Perhaps a previous letter which I have not received has told of restrictions in the exercise which you appeared to enjoy. I often wondered how you were able to play such strenuous games in the intense heat. Yesterday here was a most beautiful day & after lunch Dad & I set out for a long walk which was somewhat curtailed by cows cows everywhere & you know I’m just terrified of them. It is very beautiful country around here & we are thankful indeed for the peace & beauty of it all perhaps all the more noticeable after the experience of a year ago. At the moment I am listening to a radio programme of South American music “down Mexico way” & it brings memories & thoughts of [one indecipherable word] We will very often think of you & us don’t you think? We are amazed & very interested to learn from the Chronicle this morning definite news of your camp at Aumale & how the British residents at Tangier are providing winter clothing for you all while supplies reach you from the Red Cross in London & we are thankful indeed to read such good news. Now love it is Goodbye again & God bless you always all our love Mother & Dad

755052 Hudson

Camp Militaire



Afrique du Nord.



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