Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Describes their current activities and still waiting for return cable. Mentions father on fire watch duty and writes about his business. Now have lived quiet existence in new home for four months. Describes garden and neighbourhood. Talks about lack of onions. Catches up with family news.




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Two page handwritten letter with envelope


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Prisoners of War Post.
[inserted] [two missing words] [/inserted]
[air mail stamp]
[postage stamp]
[ink stamp]
755052 Sgt. J. D. Hudson
Interned British Airman
Camp Militaire
[deleted] Aumale [/deleted] [inserted] Loghuno! [/inserted]
Afrique du Nord

[page break]

[ink stamp]

Mrs Hudson 191 Halifax Rd
[underlined] Lancs. [/underlined]

[inserted] 30-12-41 [/inserted]


[inserted] OPENED BY [two missing words] [/inserted]

[inserted] VERIFICATO PER CENSURA [/inserted]

[page break]

[ink stamp]

191 Halifax Road
Nelson [underlined] Lancs. [/underlined]
Thursday. Oct. 2nd/41.

My dear Douglas.

This is a real end of summer morning, still & damp & misty, & not exactly exhilarating. & I’ve been pottering around doing many odd jobs & not feeling in the least “workish [sic].” On Saturday last I sent you a cable acknowledging the two photographs which give me a great deal of pleasure. There is still no response to the prepaid reply but I’m still hoping. It is remarkable what a lot of good your messages give to me. I always feel as if I could move mountains after receiving definite news of your well-being. Last night Dad was on duty fire watching & I do dread these nights coming round. & am always very thankful when day dawns. Dad gets home at 7- a.m. & this morning went back at 8-20 instead of the usual 8-45. You ask about his business but there is so little I can tell you for the reason that you knew so well in the old days. After the perfectly hell-ish experience re business which started about a year ago (Dad finished at Buckley’s on Oct 18th.) I don’t ask much about things – but just keep on living a

[page break]

day at a time & hoping for the best. One good thing came from the “mess up”” last year, we have lived very peaceably & quietly here for some months, which has been very different from our previous experience & we are indeed thankful for that. As I’ve often told you in my letters our garden has been a great joy altho’ [sic] this morning is misty & our outlook restricted the “lake” gleams prettily at the foot of the garden & the cows are grazing placidly in the fields around. My neighbour has just run in with a handful of onions. It seems rather funny news doesn’t it but believe [inserted] me [/inserted] the shortage of flavouring ingredient last winter was by no means funny & onions are still almost as precious as gold. Grandad [sic] & Auntie went away on Tuesday & I feel rather quiet again. Grandad [sic] certainly was very happy & content with us & between you & me I don’t think he was really anxious to go. He said he felt better for the change & did look better. He is very wonderful for his age 80 [inserted next [/inserted] on January 2nd with all faculties unimpaired – in fact – if he had had charge of the terrible war it would have been over long ago. Well love my page is nearly used again so I must say Goodbye once more. I very often wonder what kind of philosophies are evolved from your cease-less arguings [sic] in camp but they will certainly be interesting & it is very often instructive too, to have the other fellows’ point of view. Our love & thoughts are with you always God bless you & keep you safe.

Mother & Dad.

755052 Sgt. J. D. Hudson
Camp Militaire
Algerie, Afrique du Nord



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