Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Had just received four letters from him, all by airmail but some had taken longer than others. Worried about cost to him of airmail. Passes on sad news of loss of friend. and news of others missing and awarded medals. Catches up with family news, events and plans. Comments on the content of his letters about baby jackal. Mentions meat ration, fathers pipe smoking and tobacco ration.




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[inserted] 59 [/inserted]

[inserted] 5.9.41 [/inserted]

191 Halifax Road

Nelson Lancs.


Wed. Aug. 13th./41

My dear Douglas.

I posted a letter [inserted] to [/inserted] you on [inserted] Sunday & [/inserted] Monday 4 letters from [inserted] you [/inserted] arrived first post. You can well imagine my great joy. The letters, two from Medea & two from Aumale, dated May 25th/29th/June 2nd/6th/. It is really surprising how differently the letters travel. They are all by Air Mail, but as you see some have been a long time on the way. I love to have your letters but I do wonder if it is worth spending your precious allowance on Air Mail stamps when the letters take so long. It would be different if I could send you the stamps or the money to buy them yourself. I have just been writing to Mrs Bowers. I know how deeply grieved you will be to know that Harry went out on his last journey on August 14th/40. It was two weeks after you were reported missing that I was able to send the money from [one indecipherable word] & by return post I had the sad news about Harry from his Mother. For two weeks we shared a common sorrow & she came to visit me at Kensal. - said it did her good to come to see me - & she

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seemed very delighted when you were reported safe. But she still grieves & hope has now gone too. Alec. Buckley made his last journey too. but I have not heard about Norman Marian. Norman Giblin got the D.F.M. about 3 weeks ago. A week later he was reported missing. So you can imagine, can’t you, love, just how thankful I am to be able to write to you & [inserted] to [/inserted] have your dear letters & though very many things are irksome & trying, at least we have the joy of hope of glad reunion one day. Yesterday Auntie Gladys & Bernard were here for the day & I got the impression that Bernard was intensely bored & they both complained of being cold. Really the day was not an unqualified success. Auntie [deleted] W [/deleted] wants us to spend Dad’s holiday weekend Sept 5th. to 10th. with her but we are not very particular. Shall let you know by cable if we do go. I was very much interested to learn about your puppy & baby jacket but should become a bit nervous as the baby grew bigger. Does it eat the same kind of food as the puppy? The food question for animals is a problem here & it is a punishable offence to give them meat fit for human consumption. The meat ration for adults is 1/- a week per head so you will imagine there’s not much to throw about. Yes, Dad has got “interested” in the pipe now & has his weekly ration of 1oz tobacco & the usual cigarettes & is jolly lucky to be able to get them. They are not so fortunate at Thornhills. Well, love, I wonder if your thoughts go back from this week to 2 years ago. Such joyous memories. Did you remember a year ago yesterday - our last ride in the Rolls, together. Such a mixture this week of happy & sad memories but we’ve got our hopes too! Thank God! All our love Mother & Dad.

755052 Sgt. Chef Hudson

Camp militaire


[deleted] Alpiere [/deleted] [inserted] Algerie [/inserted]

N. Africa



P Hudson, “Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 12, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/23318.

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