Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Reminisces over previous Easter. Writes of activities including looking for a house. Mentions shortage of houses and long waiting lists. Discusses finance and his allotment to them and that he had tried to change it. Delighted to hear that he had gotten their cable. Catches up with other news and gossip. Comments on weather.




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Two page handwritten letyter and envelope





Prisoners of War Post.



[postage stamp]

755052 Sgt. Chef. J. D. Hudson
[deleted] c/o The American Consul [/deleted]
[inserted] Grand Hotel d’Orient [/inserted]
[deleted] Tunis [/deleted] [inserted] R. Gambetta [/inserted]
Afrique du Nord


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Mrs Hudson
6 Walverden Cresc [partially obscured word]

[inserted] 7-5-41 [/inserted]


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6 Walverden Crescent
Nelson Lancs.
Good Friday April 11th/41.

Mr dear Douglas.

Another holiday season is here & as usual my thoughts are with you all the time. You, no doubt will be recalling last Easter, which brought us such a happy surprise, by your unexpected visit. It was Easter, was it not, when you arrived at 2-30a.m. & how we just loved every moment of those brief holidays! Today Dad & I have been wondering around in search of a house. We have been told of one at Colne & are going to look at it, if all’s well, in the morning.

The shortage of house here is very acute & when I enquired at the Corporation Housing Office yesterday was told that there was a waiting list of 1,100. At present we are paying 35/- a week for this tiny house. It is really absurd, but we just cannot do anything better for the moment. Dad went to Salford a fortnight ago & arranged to collect your allotment at Nelson & has done so today & things are in order. In your last letter, Jan 10th., you said you had asked the American Consul to try to arrange for an increased allotment. The Air Ministry notified Dad that the increased amount would

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be paid from Jan. 23rd. & the [inserted] full [/inserted] amount is [inserted] now [/inserted] 35/- weekly. That is as you wish it to be, I suppose. We are very grateful indeed for the great kindness of the American Consul. His kindly offices have bought great happiness to us here. We were delighted to have the message from him that you had got the cable on Feb. 5th. These messages seem to take about 6 weeks to reach us. & we do appreciate them very much. Now a story about your B.S.A., which King’s collected the night before we came here. A few days later John came home on short visit & said he was going to buy Doug’s bike. His mother told him that King’s had bought it so he went straight away to try to buy it from them & was told it was already sold. Do we believe the
yarn? Do we?

This day has been anything but good so far as the weather is concerned – very cold & wet & we’ve thought of you so much & hoped you were able to enjoy the very pleasant weather mentioned in your last letter. I suppose you will be having very hot weather very soon now. This spring in the [indecipherable word] has been one of the worst for many years with a great amount of rain & very cold. Even now the buds are only just peeping on very many trees & shrubs. Well love I am going to try sending this letter Air Mail again, the one posted on Wed. only cost 4d. but the one posted by Mrs Fletcher whilst I was ill at Cranford cost 1/3. We are rather puzzled but hope you will get the letters all right. Good night & all love to you from

Mother & Dad.

755052 Sgt. Chef. J. D. Hudson
c/o The American Consul
Afrique du Nord.



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