Wesel and Essen



Wesel and Essen


Photo 1 is a vertical aerial photograph of Wesel during an attack. The town is obscured by cloud and the bombers used Gee-H. There are tracks of a bomber going down in flames and exploding on contact with the ground. Photo 2 is a vertical aerial photograph of an attack on Essen. There is an enormous explosion with no detail visible on the ground.



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4 B.
A133 BOT. 19-2-45//8” 20000. 105.1034 WESEL P
1X4000. 10X500. 4X250. TD025 37Secs. W/C Chilton V149

19/2/1945. Wesel.

A further attack on this town which covers the approaches to the Rhine. The attack was carried out on G-H because of heavy cloud cover. The tracks in the photo are caused by an aircraft going down in flames & exploding on contact with the deck.

Time 16-34. Aircraft V-Victor of 149 Squadron flown by Wing Commander Peter Chilton [deleted word] D.F.C. A.F.C. Bomb load 1 by HC4000lb, 10 by 500lb & 4 by 250lb.

25/10/1944. Essen.

The photograph shows the enormous explosion which occured [sic] during the attack Probably caused by a filling shed at the Krupps works going up. The time is not shown. Height 20,000’. Aircraft V-Victor of 149 Squadron flown by F/O Goidie.

693 MEW 25.10.44/8” [symbol] 010°
ESSEN.U.1x4000.21x4.C SECS F/O GOIDIE. V149


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