Thomas, Arthur Froude. Album 3


Thomas, Arthur Froude. Album 3


49 Items. An album containing 35 and 149 Squadron target photographs and pictures taken on a sightseeing tour over German cities to see bomb damage.




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Thomas, AF

Collection Items

Photo 1 is an air to air image of a Lancaster Mk 1, PP687.
Photo 2 is an air to air image of a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster flying over Lincoln cathedral.
Photo 3 is the cockpit of a Lancaster.

Lancaster and 149 Squadron Flight Engineers
Photo 1 is a port side view of a Lancaster with engines running on the ground. Other aircraft are visible in the background.
Photo 2 is a group of 17 flight engineers arranged in three rows. Each individual is identified in the caption.

Lancaster in flight
A port side/rear view of Lancaster TK-A flying over Thetford Chase.

Lancaster Mk 1 Taking Off
A Lancaster taking off from Methwold.

Flight Lieutenant Jack Treble DFC
A head and shoulders portrait of Jack and a women, captioned 'Rendezvous Club, Marseilles'.

A low level aerial photograph of Bremen docks.

A vertical aerial photograph showing the airfield, south west of Deelen, Arnhem. Bomb craters are visible across the runways.

A vertical aerial photograph of the marshalling yards at Frankfurt showing extensive damage.

A low level aerial oblique photograph of Hamburg showing extensive bomb damage.

A vertical aerial photograph of Berlin showing heavy bomb damage.

A vertical aerial photograph of Mannheim. The left of the image is shrouded by clouds. Throughout the photograph, multiple sites of bomb damage span the urban industrial town. Mannheim harbour is visible, located where two rivers, Altrheinhafen and…

A vertical aerial photograph of Koblenz showing considerable damage. The city, train station and railtrack are located through the centre of the image. Europabrücke and Moselle river are visible in the top right of the photograph.

A vertical aerial photograph of the synthetic oil plant at Lutzkendorf near Leipzig. Bomb damage destroyed the entire plant. Extensive damage and craters are visible throughout the image. The remains of Braunsbedra and adjacent railway line are…

A vertical aerial photograph of Mainz Hoesch Benzin Synthetic Oil Plant, located North East of Dortmund city. The image shows cloud, craters and extensive bomb damage. A railway line is seen across the top. Brügmanns Hölzchen and Hoesch Park are…

A vertical aerial photograph of Mainz. The top right of the image shows the Rhine. Mainz Hauptbahnhof and railway is located in the lower half. Heavy damage is visible throughout the photograph, to the city's industrial centre.

A confidential document. Three aerial photographs showing the development of a daylight bombing attack on Cologne. All images are taken at timed intervals during the attack, at the start, then after 2.5 and 6 minutes. The location is adjacent to the…

Hamm and Brest
Photograph one is an oblique aerial photograph of Hamm, showing extensive damage and bomb craters throughout.
Photograph two is a vertical aerial photograph of Brest naval base and ports, with numbered annotation.

Kamen and Hanover
Two low level oblique aerial photographs.
Photograph one shows the remains of an oil refinery at Kamen. Bomb damage is visible throughout.
Photograph two was taken during a Cook's tour. It shows the urban, manufacturing centre of Hanover with…

Hamburg and Bremen
Photograph one is a low level oblique aerial view of Hamburg. The urban industrial and residential areas have considerable visible bomb and fire damage.
Photograph two is a Brownie Box camera view of Hamburg.
Photograph three is a low level oblique…

Low level oblique aerial photographs of Wesel. Extensive bomb damage is visible in both images.

Two oblique aerial photographs of Essen. Extensive bomb damage is visible in both images. Photograph one details indecipherable road networks. Photograph two is taken at a different angle and shows Krupps Works, Essen.

Krupps Works, Essen
Low level oblique aerial photograph of the Krupps Works, Essen. Most buildings show signs of damage.

An annotated vertical aerial photograph of naval facilities at Heligoland. U boat pens and a burnt out oil storage facility are marked.

Lancaster in the Air
Photo 1 is a side view of a Lancaster flying above clouds.
Photo 2 and 3 are predicted anti-aircraft fire explosions.
Photo 4 is an oblique image of the Rhine.
Photo 5 is the port side of Lancaster VN-N viewed from slightly above and to the front.

Winter 1944 / 1945
Photo 1 and 2 are icy roads with heavily frosted trees.
Photos 3, 4 and 5 are close ups of frozen vegetation.
They are captioned 'Met Office photos'.
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