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Pilot’s flying log book for Flight Sergeant Herbert Ashton Clark from 8 March 1937 to 20 August 1956. Detailing operational posting in Iraq with 70 Squadron. On return to England further training with 215 Squadron. Conversion to the Wellington at…

Map showing Mediterranean Sea and surrounding countries. Provides a history of of the group who provided the only mobile force of heavy bombers in the Mediterranean theatre. Wellington, Halifax and B-24 acted as a tactical force attacking…

Left - two airmen wearing khaki uniform, the man on the right with observer brevet, standing side by side in a formal garden. Captioned 'Jack and myself in grounds of Y.M.C.A.'.
Right - Ḥamāh waterfall running from left to right with Orontes…

Dennis' passport, cancelled.

A booklet with a listing of former pupils that died in the Second World War. It includes a photograph of the deceased and a brief description.

William Cross Memoir of a supply drop to Polish fighters. They lost an engine and struggled to maintain height. The pilot had bailed out leaving the rest of the crew to fly the aircraft. They landed successfully in Russian territory and met up with…

A list of 15 flights to and from Warsaw and aircrew. They cover from 13 Aug 1944 to 2 Nov 1944.

Entry ticket on a reused sheet of paper. On one side is the entry ticket and on the reverse an extract about roads and tracks.

Raymond spent his time in the R.A.F. overseas, this lengthy memoir covers the period July 1943 until August 1946. He served in the Middle and Far East and Italy. He was an Engine Mechanic/Fitter and this is his story. The memoir has maps of his…

Detailed account of his travels around the Middle and Far East

A large mosque with Arab men and women walking by.

A narrow market street, busy with shops and pedestrians.

Arab men in a Suk

The entrance to the mosque with columns and decorations.

Omayade Mosque interior. There is a courtyard, a two storey arched side and a tall minaret.

A small structure of two storeys. The lower storey is arched, the first floor has a terrace and there is a pitched roof.

A street scene with a tram, pedestrians and a cobbled street,

Two Arab teachers at the school of Sheiks. Behind is a tall arched structure.

A street scene with a tram , bus and pedestrians. In the background is a Sinaniyeh Mosque.

Arab men smoking hookahs at a coffee house at the side of a road busy with pedestrians.

A busy market with a minaret in the distance.

A mosque with two minarets and a dome.

A list of 12 photographs of Damascus in the album.

The cover of a collection of 12 photographs of Damascus.
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