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Raymond spent his time in the R.A.F. overseas, this lengthy memoir covers the period July 1943 until August 1946. He served in the Middle and Far East and Italy. He was an Engine Mechanic/Fitter and this is his story. The memoir has maps of his…

Detailed account of his travels around the Middle and Far East

The diary covers the period 29 July to 16 August 1946 on board S.S. Carthage, from Rangoon to the Bay of Biscay. The cover has the Royal Air Force crest. The inside front cover has the inscription 'To Ray from Mary'. Notebook is in poor condition and…

Poem about El Alamein. Two versions of first page, one (entitled 'The Battle of Egypt') with handwritten caption 'Written whilst sitting on seashore, near RAF St Athan, South Wales'. The other version of first page (titled changed to 'The Battle for…
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