Letter from Ursula Valentine to Hendon Borough Treasurer



Letter from Ursula Valentine to Hendon Borough Treasurer


Writes to correct dates of termination of tenancy of their allotment. Explains arrangement she made with new tenant were misunderstood by him and what she intended to do now with her crops.



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Tenterden Grove,
Hendon, N.W. 4
28th January, 1941

The Borough Treasurer,
Town Hall,
Hendon N.W. 4

Dear Sir, plot No. 142. Archfields Allotments
I am in receipt of your letter of the 27th January (Ref 19h.6.). I am you have been misinformed as regards the terminating date of my tenancy of the above plot, which was not 31st December 1940, as you state, but 25th March 1941. When my husband joined the Royal Air Force he gave due notice of our intention to vacate the plot, and I have your letter of the 24th October 1940 (Ref 19h.3.) in which you acknowledge this.
The misunderstanding may have arisen from the fact that when we notified Mr Thompson, the secretary of the Archfields Allotments, we told him that if he found another tenant for plot 142 before our tenancy expired, this new tenant had our permission to start digging on the empty portions of the plot as soon as he liked provide he left our crops untouched. Unfortunately the new tenant does not seem to be clear that this was a concession on our part in order to help forward next season’s crops, and not a right on his part.
I myself am going away in a few days, and have arranged that the crops remaining on the plot shall be removed as fast as it is humanly possible to eat them by a young widow left with five small children, and I have notified Mr Thompson of this arrangement. However well over half the allotment is already empty, and, since the weather at present is so unsuitable for digging, I am sure the new tenant will find, with a little goodwill, there is plenty of work he can get on with until such time as the remaining crops are cleared, or he enters into possession. Needless to say it would be highly unpatriotic at the present time to dig up crops which are bearing the food which this country so urgently needs merely in order to have the plot looking neat and tidy, quite apart from the fact that the new tenant has no right to touch any of the crops until the 25th March although we have given him permission to dig the empty part of the plot.
Yours faithfully,




Ursula Valentine, “Letter from Ursula Valentine to Hendon Borough Treasurer,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 2, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/20620.

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