Letter to Kaye Turner from Ron Turner



Letter to Kaye Turner from Ron Turner


Written from Bombay wishing family a good Christmas and New Year. Describes a little of life and weather in India. Catches up with news of family and friends. Continues with description of his situation in India,



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Three page handwritten air mail letter


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[postage stamp]

[post mark]

Mrs K. Turner
c/o 292 West Parade
[underlined] England [/underlined]

[page break]

Written in English
No EX1021
Sender’s Rank Corporal RM.
Name [underlined] R.H.Turner. [/underlined]

[page break]

Cpl R H Turner RM
Wed 13th Dec, ’44. 650 LCM Flotilla
c/o B.F.M.O
[underlined] India. [/underlined]
[underlined] Dear Kaye. [/underlined]

I don’t know whether this will reach you in time for Xmas or not – I hope so anyway. I hope you all at Lincoln have a happy Xmas and may the New Year bring us peace for all times.

Well Kaye, as you see by the address I’ve landed safely out here and am in the process of settling down and getting used to the heat and believe me it is HOT. Even now I’m perspiring and it’s about 9 P.M. and they say this is the [underlined] winter [/underlined] so goodness knows what the summer is going to be like!

The camp I’m in is right on the . .

[Indian scene, swift carrying letter]

[page break]

[Greetings, English winter scene, swift carrying letter]

coast and one advantage is that we manage to get plenty of swimming in – that’s about the only time we manage to get a bit cool. We walk about all day without shirts on so I’m hoping to get nicely tanned in time. At the moment I’m a nice brick red colour.

I’ve received some airmails from Norma & also Mum & Dad which I was happy to get you can guess after not hearing for about 6 weeks. Up to the end of November they were all O.K. I’m pleased to say – although I expect you’ve had more recent news of them yourself. I trust you all at Lincoln are safe & well – both Penny & Carole are getting quite big girls I

[page break]

guess and are looking forward to Xmas very much. Give them both lots of hugs & kisses from me won’t you?

I’ve only been ashore once since I arrived out here as the camp is in a deserted spot and we have to go about 20 miles by train before we come to any civilisation! Fruit such as bananas & oranges etc are very plentiful as well as ice cream and iced lemonade – but only in the town. I wasn’t too impressed with the town – especially as all the picture houses were booked right up – it was so dirty and smelly so different from our good old English towns!

Well Kaye, there’s not much room on these things so I will have to close for now. We are rationed until the 17th with airmails so will write again after then.

So night night – please give my love and Xmas Greetings to all at Lincoln.

Lots of Love Ron xxxxxx [inserted] Penney xxxxx & Carole xxxxx [/inserted]



Cpl R H Turner RM, “Letter to Kaye Turner from Ron Turner,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 22, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18228.

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