Letter to Kaye Turner from Ron Turner



Letter to Kaye Turner from Ron Turner


Catches up with family news and greetings. Comments on two children and of photographs sent. Continues to catch up with news. Mentions he has been in France since D-Day and writes of experiences.



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Four page handwritten letter


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EX1021 Cpl R H Turner RM
650 LCM Flotilla
Monday 24 July. c/o G.P.O

My Dear [underlined] Kaye, [/underlined]

I’m so sorry I’ve been so long winded in writing to you but at last I’ve got a spell of rest and relaxation so here goes.

Firstly, I hope you all at Lincoln are safe & in the best of health – Mum has kept me well informed and I’m pleased to hear that everything is going on O.K.

I bet Penney & Carole have grown since I last saw them and are getting quite ladylike. I thought the photos that you sent home were very good. Won’t it be grand when we can see each other more often – I do hope they’ve

[page break]

not forgotten their Uncle Ron!

Of course you’ve heard all about my bouncing Son from Mum I expect. We’ve had some snaps taken but they haven’t come out so great. Still I’m hoping to get some studio portraits taken soon so I’ll make sure you get one. I’m pleased to say both Norma & the babe are in the best of health etc – in fact everyone at home are – up to the last letter I received which was about a week ago. It was sad about Grandma going so suddenly this month wasn’t it – it certainly was a great shock to us all. Unfortunately she’d never seen the baby at all – it’s rather a long way out of town.

Have you heard that young Betty is also married now

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[underlined] 3. [/underlined]

It makes me realise I’m not so young as I used to was! [sic] I expect it’s just as hard for you to realise that I’m a daddy eh?

He certainly is a smasher and everybody at home is just crazy over him – in fact I’ve to take a back seat nowadays! I was rather fortunate in being stationed near home before come [sic] over hear and so managed to see quite a lot of him. But from Norma’s letters he’s growing very fast and even boasts of 2 front teeth now – They’re even making out he says Dad Dad!

Well Kaye, I dare say you know I’m over here in France and have been since D day – and I’m pleased to say I’m feeling very fit & well and haven’t had too bad a time of it – although I’ve had

[page break]

Some experiences which I hope I don’t have to go through again. At the moment I’m stationed ashore getting my land legs back again!

Things are fairly quite now although living conditions aren’t exactly “Ritzy”. The food is mainly tinned stuff and believe me we get more than our share of stew and biscuits. But still we’re all making the best of things etc & hoping it won’t go on for much longer.

Well, Kaye that [sic] about finishes me for now – please give my best regards to all at Lincoln – I trust everyone is O.K.

So goodnight for now lots of love to you, Penney & Carole Your loving brother Ron xxxxxx [inserted] Pennet & Carole xxxxxx [/inserted]



Cpl R H Turner RM, “Letter to Kaye Turner from Ron Turner,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 28, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18229.

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