Letter to Kaye Turner from Ron Turner



Letter to Kaye Turner from Ron Turner


Writes he is about to embark on a ship and there will be no mail while aboard for about 5 weeks. Destination is a mystery but he speculates about the future, Catches up with family news.



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Two page handwritten letter and envelope


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[postage stamp]

[ink stamp] EMPIRE EXHIBITION GLASGOW MAY-OCTOBER 1938 [/ink stamp]

M [underlined] rs [/underlined] A. J. Turner,
18 Lindum Road,
[underlined] Lincoln. [/underlined]

[underlined] EX1021 [/underlined]
Mne R.H. Turner
C Coy 5th Battn
101 RM. Brigade
Home Forces.
Sat. 2 Aug. ‘41.

Dear Kaye

I’m afraid this won’t be a very long reply to your very welcome letter as I’ve got to catch up on a hell of a lot of correspondence because I’m embarking on board ship on Mon, and we’ve been told that during the time we’re aboard no mail is to be received or sent! I’m expecting to be away for about 3 weeks so you can understand I’ve to let my numerous “fans” know what’s happened or else they’ll be giving me the “chuck over”.

Where we are going to is a mystery, although somehow I don’t think it’s any death & glory stunt (I

[page break]

hope not!) I imagine it’s for some very extensive manouvres [sic] & there is some talk of leave after they’re finished although don’t take [underlined] that [/underlined] for granted – I’ve been let down too many times before!

In a way, I’m not sorry to be leaving this place – the role of a country yokel would never suit me I’m afraid. I believe we are returning to somewhere near Glasgow. So I’ll be able to write you some interesting letters from there, as it’s full of life [deleted] and [/deleted] or, I should say – the spice of life.

I think the least said about your Post Card from Skegness, the better don’t you, Kaye? I’ve been hunting all over Hawick for one to send you, but I haven’t seen one to equal it. Or perhaps it’s just my mind eh? that saw the rather rude double meaning!

Well, Kaye, I’ll close now and will write again as soon as possible and tell you all I’ve been doing on board ship. Well, nearly all anyway! Best love to P & C & everyone at Lincoln Tons of love Hope to [underlined] see [/underlined] you soon! Ron xxxxxxx



Marine R M Turner, “Letter to Kaye Turner from Ron Turner,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 28, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18227.

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