Letter from Bill Akrill to his family



Letter from Bill Akrill to his family


Bill writes that he really enjoyed recent 48 hour leave and describes a difficult journey back to Upper Heyford and that many of the men are now on 'jankers' for getting back late. Continues to enthuse over recent leave and home food. Now on last week of ground lectures for the third time.




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Mon. 23.11.42.
Dear All,
Had a wonderful 48 & feel much better for it. Only a few of us got back before this morning. My train was late, got in to Newark just before 4 & stood in the station ‘til a quarter to 5. changing engines &c. However she got a very good speed on & we got to Kings X just an hour late at 1920. So I’d no time to go to St. Martins Canteen but got to Paddington in good time to get a good seat & eat most of my sandwiches on the way. I thought of what Daddy said about having the pickings of partridge against that glorious fire about 9 o’clock. Well it was cold in the train but [underlined] I [/underlined] was enjoying those chicken & ham sandwiches at that time. They [underlined] were [/underlined] good, just melted in my mouth. Got into Heyford & had a lovely walk the 3 miles back to camp in glorious frosty moonlight around midnight. Only
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a few were back, a few turned up at 7.30 this morning, having spent the night in a cold railway carriage on Banbury station & the rest rolled up later & were dragged before the C.G.I. & Adjutant (a most unloved gentleman) & are now in for “Jankers” I’m glad I swear by that Kings X. train. I believe you can get anywhere on it tho’ I do double back on my tracks from Paddington to [deleted] Oxford [/deleted] Heyford.
I did enjoy that 48 - & its done me good. Tho’ you rather spoiled things with those meals!! The Mess doesn’t go down very well after being reminded what mum can do with bluestalks and owd [sic] hens & partridges. &c. I’m thinking very tenderly at the moment about the rest of that broth. I think I should have managed another go at it somehow. Poor old Ben Burst. I can sympathise with him now. I was pleased to find the cheese-cakes. I do enjoy them but its no good sending them by post. And the apples – I shall be tempted to eat til I get a pain!
We’re now doing the last week of ground lectures for the 3rd time but we’re told that [underlined] probably [/underlined]
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next Tuesday we’ll move into Armament Flight & even may get into the air. Expect we’ll be crewed-up by then.
Will write again later in the week.
Love to all, sorry I didn’t see Harry again before I went
[underlined] Bill [/underlined]



William Akrill, “Letter from Bill Akrill to his family,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 16, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18073.

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