Letter from Bill Akrill to his sister



Letter from Bill Akrill to his sister


Bill writes he is home again after just a week but has to return to West Freugh to pass out with 37 out of 40 students. Moans about the total confusion and having to return there unnecessarily. Found his bicycle at the station when he got back so rode it home. Followed by cartoon of man (probably Bill) struggling to pedal a bicycle with luggage and overflowing kit bags piled round him. A chicken is running along the path in front of him.




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Two page handwritten letter


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[underlined] Potter Hill [/underlined]
Wed. 7.10.42.
Dear Old Sis,
Letter from your “luvving bruvver [sic] Bill” and as you see I’ve managed to get home to dear old P.H. again to carry on where I left off in such a hurry a week ago.
Sorry I contrived to turn up while you were having a holiday but when leave’s going I have it. However (except for recalls &c) I don’t go back ‘til Tuesday morning next which means I’ll be leaving on the 15.11 from Collingham on Monday so I shall see a bit of you.
Still mumkins thought you’d like to know I was here then if you [underlined] do [/underlined] feel like it you might come back with Miss [deleted] Mok [/deleted] Moakes on Saturday instead of Sunday as I shan’t see much of you otherwise. It does seem a pity to spoil your holiday though. Guess you’r [sic] enjoying the change & rest.
Still havn’t [sic] passed out! Still I do know definitly [sic] that I shall do. 37 out of 40 who had really passed the exams at Eastbourne [deleted] are [/deleted] have got through as Observers. Quite good really. So that means going back that binding journey to
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the Freugh. That old doddering woman “The Wing Commander” says we’ve all got to be posted together from the Freugh so he wouldn’t let us come in our glory. Which meant that most of us had to come without greatcoats or rip the tapes off in a hurry. I’d taken so long getting mine on that I decided to come without it. Didn’t know about leave til just before we set off. Now [underlined] I [/underlined] can say I’ve been sent on leave because they didn’t know what else to do with me. Nearly didn’t get it as we’re not supposed to have 2 free warrants within 7 days. But it annoys me to think I might have been here all along for all the good I’ve done. Still I think we’ll definitely be going when we get back.
Well, see you Sunday, if not before Remember me to Miss M. If you see Miss Witham [deleted] ther [/deleted] tell her I’ve just spotted some mushrooms and am about to collect them. Will we have a feed!!
[underlined] Bill [/underlined]
P.S. Found Liz waiting at the stn. so I was able to ride home. Think David’s home on Sat & Sun. What a lark about my pyjamas!! Still haven’t got ‘em back. Think Peggy The A.T.S. must be short of night attire.
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[cartoon drawing]



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