Andrew Bain's observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book

The Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book for Andrew Bain <br />


Andrew Bain's observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book


Covers the period from 26 June 1942 until August 1943. In June 1946 stamped by the RAF Central Depository ‘Death Presumed’. He qualified as an air gunner on the 31 October 1942 and as an observer on the 9 October 1942. He identifies his flying duties as bomb aimer, bombardier, navigator u/t, navigator, acting navigator, photography. He was based at RAF Oudtshoorn, and Port Alfred, South Africa, for training and then for operational training at RAF Cottesmore, then at RAF Waterbeach and finally with 75 New Zealand Squadron at RAF Mepal. Operationally he took part dropping mines off the north Dutch coast and bombing Hamburg, Essen, Nuremberg and Turin. He flew with the following pilots; Dold, Scott, Wessells, Harper, Oughton, Fenwick, Allan, Puntis, Charles, Jackson, De Clerk, Maxfield, Termorshuizen, Brooks, Scott, Jackson, Norton, Grieff, Meter, Le Seuer, Levine, Gillett, Geotzee, Tucker, Van Niekerk while training in South Africa. In the UK he flew with Klim, Tricks, Maxwell, Freeman, Fern, Quinton, Fear, Crouch, Halgro, Smith, McLoughlan, Biley, Youseman, Boyd, Lofthouse, and Patrick. His pilot on operations was Sergeant Fear. He flew in the following aircraft; Avro Anson, Airspeed Oxford, Vickers Wellington and Short Stirling. As part of his UK training he identifies 'Infra Red Bombing'. On some of the training flights he states that he was 'Nav (B)Acting Air Bomber'. Also trained on autopilot 'George'. The last recorded flight was on the 23 August 1943.



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