Letter from Leonard Cheshire to P Palmer Institute of Civil Defence



Letter from Leonard Cheshire to P Palmer Institute of Civil Defence


Thanks Palmer for invitations but cannot accept either. States not in a position to undertake holiday camp scheme. States that Gumley is an affiliated branch and no longer Cheshire's direct responsibility.



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10th, March, 1947

P.B. Palmer, Esq.,
The institute of Civil Defence,
2, Millbank House,
Great Peter Street, S.W.1.

Dear Palmer,

Many thanks for you letter and your two invitations. I am very much afraid to say that I cannot accept either of the as I am already booked up. I did not know about the April engagements until I got back here, as I forgot to take my diary with me.

I thought I told you immediately before leaving for Germany that I was not in a position to undertake the holiday camp scheme and was forced to postpone it indefinitely. I am concentrating entirely on Liss and am not prepared to launch our on to any new ventures until things here are 100%. We have made a great deal of progress and things are going well, but I none the less so nor propose to start anything new yet awhile.

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Gumley is an affiliated branch, and is now no longer a direct responsibility of mine. I am very glad.

Thank you for your many kind wishes and messages. I will remember your offer when the time comes. At the moment I am content with being patient.

With best wishes


[inserted] 51400/82[/inserted]



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