To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A letter from Harry Redgrave to Jessie. Harry writes about how wonderful RAF Waddington is with good food, entertainment and a wonderful atmosphere. He has been told he will be a navigator bomb aimer straight away.




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[RAF Crest]

Sgts Mess
Tues. 22.10.40

My dear Jessie,

I hope my travelling days are over for I have fallen into what must be the best station in the R.A.F. Absolutely no bullshit and everyone going out of their way to make you comfortable. I shan’t be able to convey to you how different the atmosphere in an [deleted] ap [/deleted] ops squadron is to training station [sic] and the Mess is just marvellous.

Heres [sic] a brief record of my impressions up to now. On arriving Sunday night the messing N.C.O found my billet for the night and wanted to know if I wanted a meal. After cleaning up I went to sit in the mess and found a string band playing light music and waiters bringing beer orders to sergeants and their

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wives who may come along any Saturday or Sunday. The large room is comfortably furnished with bags of armchairs and large carpets and a grand red brick fireplace houses a monstrous fire. Monday morning I reported to S.H.Q. and found myself a grand room in Single Sergeants Quarters with a locker comfortable bed two chairs a table and large radiator. Having settled in there I went over to report to 44 Sqdn [Squadron] and when I got in the hangar what a shock I had. Music was playing from a loudspeaker on the wall two badminton courts were being used and a number of flying crews were whirling round on skates. As if trying to hide itself with shame a Hampden was being worked

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on right away up in a corner. This entertainment is a great scheme and enables you to get some fun and exercise instead of sitting around in the crew room all day. Skates are provided by the squadron and I had a jolly afternoon very cheaply. In the evening I rode down to Cranwell to see Tom and found that he is living out but with a little trouble got his address and saw Joyce and Pattie as well. They are going to write to you this week and I am going to try and find you some digs in Lincoln where you wont [sic] be far from Joyce. This morning I saw the O.C. of the sqdn [squadron] and he shook me by the hand and hoped I would be happy at Waddington and do some good work. I am in A flight

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and my Flight Commander is one of the Squadron Leaders who was in my class at Finningley.

We had the string band in the mess for the lunch hour this evening there is an exhibition match at billiards between Newman and Davis. Oh boy what a camp. Our boys were over Berlin Sunday night and [inserted] one [/inserted] of them came down to 2000 feet and got a lovely stick of bombs on Hitler's Chancellery. You wait until I can do that. I am definitely here as navigator bomb aimer and the C.O said he would have to use me as a navigator straight away without giving me a couple of trips as gunner to get used to it. As this is my last sheet of paper I must finish now and am looking forward to hearing from you

Your loving husband Harry.


Harry Redgrave, “To Jessie from Harry Redgrave,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 2, 2022,

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