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Pilots flying log book two, for H O Forth, covering the period from 2 September 1940 to 31 December 1942. Detailing his operations flown, flying training and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Linton-on-Ouse, RAF Upavon, RAF Brough and RAF…

Description of battles for Le Havre and generally in northern France. Mentions surrender leaflet drops along channel coast. Canadians entre Zeebrugge, Americans in Brittany. Other war news from the continent and map of battle area.

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A biography of FC Jenkins. It covers his birth and marriage but concentrates on his RAF years. He took part in 58 operations and survived the war to continue in RAF service.

Flying log book for F A Robinson covering the period from 8 September 1938 to 22 January 1951. Detailing his flying training and operations flown, includes flight certificates, congratulatory messages and notes of appreciation from senior officers, a…

Flying log book for Dennis Denton covering the period from 3 May 1941 to 8 March 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. Includes a map of part of France including the Vitry area, his Gunnery Course results, Certificates and…

Operational Record ledger created by Pat Falkinder (nee Day). Running log book which includes briefing, targeting, crews and methods of prosecution for various bombing operations. It includes a photographs of Pat Day in uniform and several aircrew.

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Aerial vertical photograph of canal and dock basin. A canal runs from top right to centre left. At the left end is a basin runing from the canal towards the bottom right. To the right of the basin is an industrial area. Below the industrial area…

Aerial vertical photograph of dock area. On the left a canal running vertically from top to bottom. At the bottom an inlet dock runs towards the centre. On the left side of the inlet six tanks and two small ships moored on jetties. Above the inlet…

An aerial inclined photograph of two floating docks with ships. At the bottom centre the rear half of a ship in a floating dock with an open cargo hold at the rear. There are cranes bottom right and at the rear left side. To the left and further back…

An aerial inclined photograph of docks. In the centre left a floating dock containing a ship. To the right of dock other floating dockyard machinery and some small moored boats. Various cranes and other unloading equipment are visible. Captioned 'Low…

On the left an aerial vertical photograph showing a city with a river running through from left to right with port facilities on both sides. On the far side of the river towards the left is a small indented water basin with a few ships moored.…
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