Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife



Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife


He writes about their furniture at home and his life at RAF Cranwell. Has applied for leave and is waiting to hear.




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Two page handwritten letter


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HUT 39,
No.3. C.O.T.U.
West Camp R.A.F.,
[deleted] Camp [/deleted] Cranwell,
4th April, 1942.

My Dearest
Many thanks for your letter. Received this morning. I am pleased to hear you have the furniture at Norley. Although I am not a bit surprised about the Moths. As long as the Mirrors are alright we must be content. You must certainly write to Carters about the missing articles. It is certainly their Responsibility. They must send them along and defray all expenses too. The Railway will pay for all their damage. Get a [underlined] Cabinet Maker [/underlined] to Repair the goods & have a good job made of them.

I have also Received your letter sent to Kenley together with one sent there by Rex, He said he would try to get up there. I expect he is probably there now. I might write to him this week if I get the time. When we came here a corporal in our Billet said he had been here 9 months & not worked [corrected] overtime [/corrected] once. I have been here as many

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days & have had two nights off. I don't mind that a bit but I have the chance to get away tomorrow at diner [sic] time & I am stuck on [corrected] guard [/corrected]. Can you beat it? Still for all that I like it. There is loads of intresting [sic] work. It is a wonderful feeling when you have finished a major overhaul & the plane takes off O.K. but it is a still better feeling when it comes down again without all the bits falling off.

I think I told you that I had applied for leave for the [underlined] 10th [/underlined] well I have not yet heard anything to say that it will not be granted so if you don't hear anything to the Contrary you can expect me at Norley on Friday night. I would not bank on it [underlined] definitely [/underlined] (PLEASE NOTE THE CORRECT SPELLING OF
DEFINITELY. NOT [underlined] DEFINATE) [/underlined] I had thought of spending it all at Wyrley but I'll come to Norley [corrected] first [/corrected] anyway to give the furniture the Once over, and collect a few personal belongings. I shall see if I can get coupons of [sic] dad for a pair of flannels. I feel I would like to shed this uniform for a bit anyway. It gets a bit of a bind
always wearing the same clothes

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