Letter from the Air Ministry to Mrs K Wynn



Letter from the Air Ministry to Mrs K Wynn


Letter from the Air Ministry to Mrs Wynn advising that as her husband was promoted to pilot officer at the time he went missing, she is entitled to a larger allowance.



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Two page typewritten letter


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[Letterhead] Air Ministry, Under Secretary of State Crest [/Letterhead]


6 August, 1943.


I am directed to acknowledge your letter addressed to Accts.7K.Cas. Worcester, and to inform you that your husband was promoted to the rank of Pilot Officer with effect from 5th April, 1943, and held that rank at the time he became missing, any further action regarding your temporary allowance while he is missing will be taken by this branch of the Ministry under the regulations relating to wives of missing officers.

I am to explain that you are at present eligible as the wife of a Pilot Officer to receive temporary allowance with effect from 27th May, 1943, comprising the married rate of allowance and two-sevenths of the pay issuable to your husband at the date he became missing. The allowance will be payable monthly in advance, at the rate of £4.8.6d (four pounds eight shillings and sixpence) a week, and will be subject to recovery of the amount drawn on your order books since 27th May, 1943.

In order that payment of this allowance may be authorised, I am to ask you to return the order books which you now hold immediately after cashing the order due on 19th August, 1943, in respect of the period 19th August to 25th August, 1943. Upon receipt of the order books, instructions will be given to the Royal Air Force Agents to


Mrs. K. Wynn,
“Sunny Brae”,
Nr. Warrington.

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Pay to you the temporary allowance explained [deleted] afore [/deleted] above.

The allowance will continue in issue for a minimum period of three months unless it should be established that your husband is alive, in which case issue of his Royal Air Force emoluments would be resumed. If, however, your husband is still missing at the end of this minimum period, the allowance will continue at the same rate to 24th November, 1943 (that is twenty-six weeks from the date of notification that he is missing) unless during the extended period further information is received regarding him, when you will be notified of any amendment which may, in consequence, be necessary.

If, on 25th November, your husband is still missing, the rate of temporary allowance from that date will be amended to £16. 16. 8d (sixteen pounds sixteen shillings and eight pence) a calendar month.

This monthly rate of allowance is one-twelfth of the annual pension of £130 plus an allowance of £36 a year, in respect of each of your children and represents the amount that would be payable if it were known that your husband had died in circumstances entitling you to pension. Payment at this rate will continue so long as your husband remains missing.

I am to explain that under the existing regulations education allowances are not payable in respect of children under eight years of age. It is regretted, therefore, that your children are not at present eligible for education allowances.

I am, Madam,
Your obedient Servant,

H Leigh

For Director of Accounts.



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