Letter to Kathleen Wynn from Mabel and Fred



Letter to Kathleen Wynn from Mabel and Fred


Expressing sympathy over her husband missing. Hopes to visit soon and invites Kathleen to visit them.



Four page handwritten letter


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6. Royston Rd.
Davyhulme. M/C. [Manchester]
My dear Kathleen.
I feel I must write you a few lines: as Freds [sic] mother told me that Ian was missing. It is very hard, sometimes, to express on paper just what one feels; but I do hope & pray that you will soon hear good news. I have great admiration for the wive’s [sic] of men who fly: for their anxiety & sacrifice is much greater than that of the others. We are all in the front-line; but as I say, your anxieties over a long period are [underlined] very [/underlined] much
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More than mine or others in the same position as myself: my worries are as nought compared with yours. However, Kathleen trust in God & wait hopefully for news: Im [sic] sure Good news [underlined] will [/underlined] come: & try & keep your chin up as Ian would have you do. I shall remember you in my prayers. It was very kind of you to ask David to come & play with your kiddies the last time we were over: & I fully intended coming, but there were so many relations to visit the time passed all too quickly; but when we come to Norley to stay a day or two perhaps we can arrange
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something then.
I was wondering whether you would like to come here for a few days, Kathleen. I go away on June 26 for a week, & was wondering if you would like to spend a few days the 2nd week in July: you havent [sic] been before & I thought it might be a change.
I do hope the kiddies are keeping well; & your Mother & Father also.
Well, Kathleen, as I say words are hard to say, even on paper; but you know what this letter is meant to convey, so; hoping you will hear
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Good news soon: God bless you & yours: & do try & keep Smiling.
I remain,
Yours very Sincerely.
[underlined] Mabel, & Fred. [/underlined]



“Letter to Kathleen Wynn from Mabel and Fred,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 15, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11506.

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